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  1. The only reason I haven't included any of the DVD material is because I don't know how to get it into mp3 form. I'm a technology have-not, haha. I'm surprised I could make a profile on this forum and start making posts. The work Jimmy went into creating the 2003 dvd in terms of sound (and video) was quite an undertaking. So I'd love to have these on mp3. Any suggestions? ...and yes, I do "remember...forests"
  2. Yes, once you get to a minimum level of Zeppelin fandom, Best Of becomes a personal preference for sure. While I wanted to keep the subject title concise (and admittedly enticing Members to chime in) I was actually hesitant to call this thread that. There's no way (so far?) this "concert" set list is a best of. I do think it's off to a good start, but there's a lot more research to be done for sure. Even If someone (perhaps a member of the band) could be wise enough to solve this riddle, it would be very hard to determine the best version of each song, due to personal preference.
  3. I did actually try Berkley '71 Going to California, specifically; also Heartbreaker and SIBLY. Someone had recommended all three of them as being particularly good. Yet I turned them all down. Maybe the sound quality of mine wasn't good enough. I'll have to give it another go.
  4. Very much agree with WLL from this show. It's much different (heavier maybe?) than every previous tour of it. We Page laying down the tracks to starting the hard rock/heavy metal era to come? Maybe.
  5. This is good stuff, thanks! I knew there would be superior stuff, but there's so much material. It's not only time intensive to go through, but also get familiar with enough to determine what's best. I love how no one seems to like the last show. I'm not even being nostalgic for it, I just like it for some reason. Maybe because the quality is good, I dunno...and I did throw in my warning, there is a lot of Destroyer for sure. Problem is, it was really the first boot I got, like 20 years ago. so I'm too familiar with it, and have too many fond car trip memories I suppose. But I'm defi
  6. I’m open to feedback on this project of mine. The foundation of it is shown below, however, I still have some work to do on it and nothing is cemented in yet. So I’d like some feedback from the wizards of this site. What started as a curios “Do I have all of their live songs?”, has turned into a quest to create a best of, massive Led Zeppelin “concert” of each of their live performed songs. For now, I’ve listed my cut of their best live performances in alpha order below. I’d like to thanks Bonzo_fan (Ranking the 1977 Shows, and 1975 shows, and...), Michael Fry (50th Anniversary Box S
  7. Cool, great to hear I'm not totally in left field on this. Like most of us, I'm fanatical about Zep. So I've read a lot, listened even more. Nice to see my hunches of these things aren't off the mark.
  8. I'm way too young to properly chime in on this, but I am guessing that some of the live material would have been lost on most audience participants. Their live stuff was almost as freestyle as old jazz music. It was never the same twice; and the live stuff was quite different from the studio albums. My first time listening to TSRTS, I didn't even know what I had listened to when it was all over. I knew goin in that there was a ~26 min version of Dazed and Confused, and I was super excited to listen, but only about 5 mins of it was familiar. The rest was literally new music to me, so I didn'
  9. I'll try. I've mostly kept track of which shows I've drawn from. They are mostly the popular ones; Destroyer, Blueberry Hill, Eddie, etc. Then of course their officially released stuff as it sounds so good...and for so long all I had was TSRTS, and I know it too well to drop certain songs. But I've also drawn from some of the full concerts that had one time performances like Osaka & Denmark. I seem to be the only one who likes their very last (1980) concert, I'm drawing from that a bit too. I think I'm going to somewhat organized as three "acts". They won't necessarily be in chronol
  10. This is great info Mike! I'm on my own massive Zep Concert project. What started as "how many live songs do I have on CD (incl a few boots)?" Has turned into a quest to get not only all of the pure Zeppelin live songs, but the best version of them. "Best" is to each their own I guess, but for me it starts with good quality (it appears I'm favouring soundboards) then cool versions. I'm also including some of their cool non-studio songs as well; Sitting and Thinking, Bluberry Hill, etc. I'm far from completing this quest but what you have done is really going to confirm things for me or fill
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