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  1. Hah. I knew I should have checked out this forum first for the nitpicking. My take + Led Zeppelin - Live Aid 1985 Full Show in 4K https://pusabase.com/blog/2021/07/24/led-zeppelin-live-aid-1985-4k-upscaled/
  2. Here's a new upscale ( with dubbed audio from a master tape. Pretty much all the songs from the DVD has a better picture quality than the Ten Years Gone.
  3. With a little help from Google. At least these versions should exists. DVD Knebworth '79 The First Night (Boogie Mama)DVD Knebworth Festival '79 First Night (The Way Of Wizards)DVD Knebworth ("Secrets Revealed")DVD Knebworth Masters - 30th Anniversary Edition" (Label?)DVD Pro Shot No Label Boot DVD From The Krw_co CollectionBluray: Mean Business (Cosmic Energy CE-023) Does anyone know which one is the best? and where to get it? I'm not deeply into Zeppelin community, and for an outsider getting into bootlegs is really messy job.
  4. I did one track. It's on my youtube channel, but the problem is that I used the Supersonic Seattle, and I need to find the Year of the Dragon version, which is a better starting point. It's not on dimeadozen on tradersden. Any ideas?
  5. Yep, I was a non-believer at first. Then I downloaded their software. Sometimes I just try random stuff and get stunned by the results. With Gigapixel AI (for photos) and with Video Enhance AI. It's all about finding the right upscaling model. Sure, you can over do these and it's about finding the balance. Is it just sharper or is it really better. Same goes with remastering audio. Question I ask often to myself, is it better or is it just louder? "It's just clever denoising, and sharpening". Sure...I still prefer the enhanced version that gives just an "illusion".
  6. Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music (Empress Valley Supreme Disk)
  7. I think it took about 6 hours just for the AI part. That's why I used a short clip. 1. Conversion to constant framerate using Handbrake (otherwise the audio doesn't sync. Pretty much all the bootleg releases has dropped frames. 2. Deinterlacing with QTGMC using Staxrip. Proper deinterlacing is the most important part of the process. 3. Then it's time to use the VEAI 4. Minor tweaks to audio using Reaper 5. Combining Audio & Video using Hitfilm Pro. Then adding some film grain back to make it look more natural, and also made the video little more brighter. Original was very dark. I'd do more, but I'm not really a Zeppelin collector. I have no idea what sources are the best of the best. Also I'm hoping to get new PC gear by end on January. Not the cheapest hobby, but 🤷‍♂️
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