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  1. Hi Fellow Zeppelin Fans! Here’s hoping for a better 2021! Excited to be on a forum with fellow Zep people! Totally missing live music. I”m a huge music fan and audiophile, guess at some point would start looking into the areas here that rate audio quality of vinyl, original releases, the mid to late 70 releases that I bought new back in the day, the Classic Records 180 gram - 200 gram, and the special edition releases currently being sold. I was too young to see them when they were touring; tried to get to see them in Canada for the 1980 tour, couldn’t get tix but of course we all know how it ended, wouldn’t have seen them even if I did score them. Saw several iterations after the fact through the years. I will say one thing...I got to see the Atlantic Anniversary show, got decent photos; very exciting day for me but Page’s performance was disappointing. And yet months later, I saw the Outrider tour and he was on fire. Always wondered why. Anyway, hello to all and look forward to the community!
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