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  1. 'The first track generally thought to be from the sound check of a '73 Chicago (or Minn.) show. Played as a brief instrumental during the pre-theramin section (usually occupied by various funk "The Crunge"/"Sex Machine" morphings) of the WLL medley for a couple of nights and then, AFAIK, never to be heard again (which is a real shame) . You already know the one. Any of you guitarists out there know how to play it correctly? Seems to be originating (or am I just erroneously thinking so) off a E7#9 . After a bit, the tune grinds to a halt and you hear Page do a light DMaj7 - E9sus4 almost
  2. I'm keen on getting the book of yours. Hope its chock full of leaking reel-to-reels, pesky AC hums, errant masters - were you the one who gutted the 'Celebration Day' intro? (just kiddin', of course 😉) - and all the other things I love.
  3. A song one plays over and over and over... Hmmm...well, as I've been trying to get the solo in "No Quarter" down and not knowing a D Dorian from a bar of soap + Dahvey's dodgy timing ... No Quarter!
  4. Always thought Rono had a charismatic stage presence that was, in some ways, similar to Page's around this same time period.
  5. Nice recording! I've not heard this one before. SB? Seems too rich/balanced for an audience recording. Anyroads, that piece sounds essentially the same as the 73, filmed MSG 'If-Your-Going-to-San-Fransico' part, except the pre-bow A/D 5/7 to 6/8 to 5/7 to 6/8 etc., slides come before the San Fransisco part here and the rhythm is somewhat different. I'm not much of a player/tabber myself but it seems like I've seen where someone on the board here tabbed out the San Fransisco part (can also be heard in a section of Achilles Last Stand) somewhere, if I'm not mistaken. As with WLL, it c
  6. Hey Up! Forgot to drop in and say hallow after I joined here. I've occasioned by the forum from time to time when a search brought me in so I thought I might as well join. A kid staying with my step-father over a summer, helping out at his garage in the mornings but in the afternoons, I was by myself in a rural, fairly remote little town and absolutely devoid of any thing to do. Three television stations came in on the black and white set via a set of rabbit ears, whose programming consisted of half day-time serial dramas and half white noise. Long before the internet o
  7. We did as well. Except for the UFC and a few PBC matches, can't say I really miss it. Stream a few odds n ends; Prime, etc.,. Getting ready to watch evil Professor Pericles perch n poop. Should have never cancelled that one.
  8. I think most of them have taken their turn for that spot, back and forth, over the years decades. I'm one of those oddities that actually likes that raspy, hoarse, torn-up James Brown/Billy Gibbons/etc., tone; depending on the song. I saw, what must've been an audience-shot clip, of RnR from an early '75 show. Seems he was recovering from the flu or somesuch - bless him, it sounded like Lemmy Kilmister had taken the mic. My favourite version.
  9. Nice job on Hotel - bringing in the two guitars for the solo duet. First guitar especially had the tone spot on.
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