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  1. It's one of my fav LZ songs. Specially the prelude. If you listen to it hard, you'll get the feel. It's melodious and I love it!
  2. Same. For me it was also ALL MY LOVE the beginning part.
  3. Wishing everyone a very special day -World Music Day!!🎧🎶🎼 I am going to enjoy many Zeppelin songs today!
  4. I know we all are very much eager to go out. But sadly the decline of Covid is apparent. Third wave will hit us soon around August-September. After the first wave there was a decline. So people took that chance to venture out. And corona took that chance for the second time. So we can have a little bit more patience may be. And by the next year everything will be fine once again!
  5. Just now I had a few Black plums. Black Plum/Java Plum/Malabar Plum is very good for health. Its seed is used to treat patients with high blood sugar. It tastes extremely good. When you have it, it feels as if the inside of your mouth is eroding. That's just awesome!
  6. Hooker lips flower and Dracula plant
  7. Great! I can't control myself. It's my favourite dish!!
  8. Achilles Last Stand and In My Time Of Dying
  9. Talking about the extinction of the dinosaurs?? Now scientists are telling the sixth extinction event is ongoing. Check out this: https://www.livescience.com/mass-extinction-events-that-shaped-Earth.html
  10. The same is happening...it's showing site can't be reached
  11. Some song always plays inside my mind be it of Zeppelin or any other song(most of the time it's LZ) while I do my daily tasks, homework etc etc. The song that is playing inside my mind at this moment is Going to California. What's yours? (If you have one playing)
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