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  1. Oh! Thanks so much for letting me know. My mistake.
  2. Hey! Today in the band's official YouTube channel, How Many More Times- Royal Albert Hall 1970 has been uploaded. While listening the 20 mins recording, at 10:11 I heard him saying "Ek do tin char"... That's actually "One, two, three, four " in the Indian language. How can that be possible? I heard it many times but every time it sounded the same. There's no such mention of these Indian words even in the lyrics. Someone please help. I need an answer.
  3. Hey there! How is everyone? I hope you all are safe and secure. 

  4. I didn't know about that band previously. I just heard a song of theirs...but I think the plants would surely have died.🤣🤣
  5. Stairway to Heaven is my favorite too. I think it is really "a song of hope" in 2021. This song EXISTS. 🎵
  6. Hey! This is a topic which I really wanted to share in this forum. Today, I learnt how music can affect plant growth and development. Ok so an experiment was carried on this(many years back in our school). Two healthy potted young plants were taken in two sound-proof glass jars separately. Inside one jar, heavy rock music(Idk which band) was played 24×7. In the other, some soothing Mozart music was played all time. All the other plant requirements like water, sunlight, air were provided to both of them. Daily photographs were taken. After 10 days, it was observed that the plant which was kept in soft music grew long and healthy. But the other plant showed stunted growth with drooping leaves. The same experiment was carried out with seeds with the same apparatus. And the results were similar. The seeds exposed to rock music hardly germinated. But the other jar showed germination. Interesting! What do you think?
  7. I see! Misty Mountain Hop is just amazing for me as well. Sorry for the late reply 😅
  8. It's one of my fav LZ songs. Specially the prelude. If you listen to it hard, you'll get the feel. It's melodious and I love it!
  9. Same. For me it was also ALL MY LOVE the beginning part.
  10. Wishing everyone a very special day -World Music Day!!🎧🎶🎼 I am going to enjoy many Zeppelin songs today!
  11. I know we all are very much eager to go out. But sadly the decline of Covid is apparent. Third wave will hit us soon around August-September. After the first wave there was a decline. So people took that chance to venture out. And corona took that chance for the second time. So we can have a little bit more patience may be. And by the next year everything will be fine once again!
  12. Just now I had a few Black plums. Black Plum/Java Plum/Malabar Plum is very good for health. Its seed is used to treat patients with high blood sugar. It tastes extremely good. When you have it, it feels as if the inside of your mouth is eroding. That's just awesome!
  13. Hooker lips flower and Dracula plant
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