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  1. Ah Knebby! They seemed delightful!!! Everyone with him were so gracious and nice. We were absolutely tickled pink to have the opportunity to meet Robert and I felt like I was a high school kid again, I think my hands were shaking all the way out of the building! When he spoke of John I think I felt the earth move-it was just incredible.

    It is quite difficult to work today, I cannot focus!:))

  2. Hello all,

    I was there last night-my 3 friends and I were VERY lucky and ended up getting 5th row tickets. Before my "review" though, I have to share an experience that still has me shaking:)) We ended up going to the hotel the entourage was in. Post concert we went back for drinks and my all time dream came true, I met Robert! My girlfriends and I got a hug, and one girl got a photo with him(not me, darn it!) He was delightful and charming, and we also met T-Bone Burnett, who asked us what we thought of the concert. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! The most surreal part though was the following-Robert was telling us we should come to their next stop, which is in OK and is apparently a benefit for the hurricane victims in TX. I asked which day it was, and he said "what day is today" I replied "Weds, 9/24, but since it is 1am, I guess it is Thursday!:)) The next thing out of his mouth was "Today is the day John Bonham died." My friends and I said yes, we cannot believe it still that it happened, even 28 years after. I will remember Robert Plant saying those words for the rest of my life. I still cannot believe it happened and I will replay that moment, albeit such a sad subject, forever. What a poignant moment it was!!! I just had to share it-and I will never forget it!

    Onto the concert, I really had mixed feelings-LOVED Robert, loved Allison's voice, but thought she was quite stiff and just did not have much of a stage presence. The music is quite incredible-I WOULD see them again but if there anything that would make the concert better it would be in my humble opinion a partner who moves, who has charisma, etc. who can mirror RP in that respect. The crowd was interesting-you could tell who was mainly there for RP and who was mainly there for AK. People around us were getting up and dancing and were being met with "sit down, don't talk, etc." even when the tempos were upbeat. Those were the old LZ/RP fans, many of whom had come from different places to see the concert!

    Have to say my favorite part of the night was meeting the man-and darn wish it was me who got their photo taken with him and not my girlfriend!hahaha She would beg to differ-

  3. Hi Knebby,

    Once I converted to USD I about passed out after I purchased it:)) but I am the proud owner of the CD. But, with the money going all to charity it is a very good thing. I am very excited and so pleased the money is going to such a good cause.

    Cheers to all my LZ mates-


  4. Hi Knebby,

    This is very cool-I have added myself into the mix:)) Strangely enough, a vendor called me at work(I have not met her before) this evening and she was giving me a link to click into her company's website. It took me a bit as I was busy bidding on the CD.(shame on me at work, oh well:)) To make it a long story short I made a joke I was goofing off on E-Bay, and she asked me what I bid on. I told her and she laughed and said she is a big LZ fan, graduated from high school same time as me so we shared stories about slow dancing with cute boys to Stairway to Heaven at our school dances, and then she tells me she was so jealous that her best friend and husband were able to see the concert at the O2. So funny-LZ brings people who have them in common together don't they? We had a good laugh and quite a chat about all our memories with the band's music.

    I digress:))



    Led Zeppelin to headline Bonnaroo

    BANG Showbiz

    Dec. 31, 2007 08:56 AM

    Led Zeppelin will headline a US rock festival next year.

    The legendary band will perform at Tennessee's Bonnaroo festival in June 2008 after lead singer Robert Plant had a "change of heart" over the decision to follow up their comeback concert at London's O2 arena earlier this month with further dates.

    A source said, "They are going to play the Bonnaroo festival, which runs from June 12 to 15. This news will drive their fans absolutely wild.

    "They have been bombarding their Website to get back together for good but only lead singer Robert Plant wasn't keen to commit.

    "Now he's had a change of heart and if it all goes well they are also talking about touring."

    It has been rumored that 2008 will see the band embark on a world tour that could net them in the region of £1 billion. Members include bassist John Paul Jones and guitarist Jimmy Page, with late drummer John Bonham' s son Jason on drums.

    The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "All ticket sellers have been told a world tour will take place, there's just some ironing out of contracts to be done. They are already talking about playing venues like Knebworth, Glastonbury and even returning to Madison Square Garden in New York where they played their legendary shows in 1973.

    "They were looking to do it in March but now it will most likely be May. With ticket sales combined with merchandising it could make them as much as £1 billion ($US1.9 billion)."

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  6. Gotta tell ya, this has been a joyful year-due to the band coming out and playing the O2, all the buzz on the board and all over the world, and the wonderful trip back to my youth because of it! Glad I found this board and everyone on it.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night, wherever you are!

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