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  1. [ Minx, how beautiful....gotta tell you, all of us who could not go are living through you. I would have cried my eyes out at the sheer wonder of it all. A miracle, it is! Thank you for sharing you story as we all appreciate it!
  2. Tears are in my eyes as I write this.............and chills down my spine. One did not have to be there to feel the magic.............it was everywhere...........even though I could not get tickets, I felt I was there.....LZ, thank you, thank you, thank you for transporting a 46 year old woman back into her teenage years, and then back again into an adulthood that is greater because of you and your music. The past few months have been a joy, and today is a triumph. God bless you all!
  3. These pics are INCREDIBLE! I cannot imagine the feeling, the buzz, the excitement of being there. LZ getting back together after all these years, and honoring John by having his son fill in for him, leaves me awestruck. I keep thinking of what I would feel like if I were there-and I think my first reaction when they take the stage would be a gush of tears running down my face. Guys, what you and a band have done for us all..............cannot never be adequately expressed.............
  4. How beautiful-it's a magical day for us all, even if we are not there. Soak in every minute, every hour, every note, every move..................and take us with you in spirit! We can't wait to hear..............
  5. WHAT an experience to see JP!!! I would remember that flight for the rest of my life-I'll bet your "sighting" was like a fantasy experience-how wonderful!
  6. You are so sweet! Hey, but it sounds like overall it may have worked! PLEASE give us every detail here, even your pre and post show observations! I cannot imagine how exciting it will be to be in the company of all the crazed Zep fans in London, just soaking up the vibe! It will be the night of your life!
  7. Thanks for your stories! I thoroughly enjoyed it as I never got the chance to see the mighty Zep before it was over. Their music defined my teen years, and I felt myself living through your words on the page.....
  8. I have got to say I have always thought all of LZ's lyrics were brilliant. Especially as compared to current music. I get chills from the Immigrant Song, and when Robert sings "Vahalla, I am coming" I about flip!
  9. I signed up for the LZ mailing list before the concert was announced and did not get tics.......
  10. Congrats to those of you just notified, what a GREAT surprise! Where are you located? I am still hoping but thinking being located in the States they will not sell anymore tics here due to short term notice with getting flights and all..... Have a great time and tell us ALL about it!
  11. Melissa

    "Broken Wing"

    [is this why Lori Maddox refers to herself in her last conversation with Jimmy in Hammer of the Gods as "An angel with a broken wing?"
  12. Ev, this is a great list! Can't wait to do some more reading...............................also, love the new photo!
  13. Those "corporate tickets" are now in the RIGHT hands!!! Like you, LZ "shaped my youth" Congrats to you and live December 10th to the fullest!!!
  14. This give ME a lump in my throat too-gosh it's just briliant and amazing!!!!
  15. [To Hotplant, that is just awesome. How did you manage to see all but one?
  16. All I can think about is how hard it will be to concentrate on work that day(I am in the US so about the time the concert is beginning I will be working away) It is going to be a monumental day and I know we will all feel the "buzz" no matter where we are! Does anyone have special plans(if you are not going to the concert) to commemorate the big day?
  17. Actually Steve, I did check-and from what I could see I was the FIRST person who posted this. If I was not, I am SO sorry. I am quite new to message boards and still can't get over how rude people are to others because they are "anonymous." I saw some news I thought quite interesting, I looked for other posts and did not see any, and I posted it. My, my, shame one me. Perhaps I just read from now on, at the risk of doing something "wrong." Good Lord.
  18. HI everyone, I am Melissa, I am 46 and NEVER got to see the band as I am from a very small town in Michigan and could not get to the "big city" to see them in time. When I left for my first year in college, it was over. WISH so much I was going to the O2. Have been a fan since my teenage years, and this has been a glorious experience for me "going back in time." What an amazing treat!
  19. [ Wow, that is bizarre!!! Maybe explains why he said what he did-
  20. That was my first thought too-praying if it is true he did not blow it! Good Lord-
  21. Well, check out the latest-interesting, and if it is true, they probably want to skewer the lead singer of the Cult- http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1574740/2...ahooNewscrawler
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