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  1. Guys I'm sorry I just realised this isnt supposed to be in here
  2. What's the record worth lol, just out of curiosity. Dont ask if it's for sale! Everything clears record and sleeve are very good++/+ I asked the lady if the deadwax said it, she said no, I'm not surprised it's so small lol.
  3. Hard to not like them! Just good easygoing music nomatter whatever age you are, even if the members themselves weren't so much behind the scenes!
  4. Hard to hide this in a book 😂 this ones gonna be played not put away He prob got robbed for the price he sold it for lol
  5. When push comes to shove-van halen. Not that I could listen over and over, but I'll listen to the eagles my whole lifetime I'm sure. Born in 99
  6. Good to know! Not like it's going anywhere though!
  7. I have the same curiosity even though I'll keep it
  8. The dead wax is in between the last song and label right? I did show it in the video
  9. I have the -A! Holy crap this really is one I'm gonna put a video to make sure Snapchat-448089779.mp4
  10. Okay so I checked the numbers. Its Atlantic sd8216 Theres 0698 close by The code on the record is (st-a-681461 pr) And then (st-a-681462 pr) on the second side. I seen on discog or whatever it is that sd8216 lines up with Canada 1975 print and the Atlantic print in 1969, the numbers on the record dont show up for the Canada print. The problem is I bought this record for $12, I dont know where to begin lol.
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