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  1. Seattle 73. Can’t believe I slept on this show for this long. Dazed and Confused is epic!
  2. For me, I find roughly the first half of the three 1980 shows I’ve heard (6/29, 6/30, and 7/7) to be fairly enjoyable up through Trampled Under Foot. After that it starts to get very hit or miss, since Page’s guitar playing isn’t what it was even in 79. To answer your other point, I feel almost the same way, except for the fact that I never skip the noise solos from 77, no matter how long and weird they are. The drum solos have always been hit or miss for me, even for the early years. Out of curiosity, what other songs from 77 do you sometimes skip?
  3. June 29, 1980, Zurich. For some reason, the 1980 shows are just about the only tour I’ve never been able to get into. Can anyone else relate?
  4. I always really liked his intro of Bonzo before Moby Dick in one of the LA concerts in 75, where he introduces him as “Mr. Quaalude.” Either that or after a botched Kashmir in 1980: ”If there’s anyone who’s bootlegging that, you might wanna scratch that number, because it wasn’t completely correct.”
  5. This sounds amazing. Can I get a link please? Thanks in advance!
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