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  1. Happy birthday, and long time no see...........how are you doing?

  2. Over the hills and far away...the beginning is like a rainbow in the sky:)
  3. Yes, I can finally work on some new music due to a better functioning computer and a lot of free time....as soon as I have some decent demos I will send you some to listen to.

    Lots of cosmic energy to you!

  4. As a great fan of LZ my songs which make me fee better and sometims extraordinary are Thats the way, Stairway, Since i ve been loving you, Going California and from Page and Plant Wonderful one, When the world was young, Blue train...
  5. oh hi :) its so sweet that you wrote me :) well, I am little bit bussy this year and theres almost no time for music :(( but i hope it will get better. and how about you? something new in you music life?:)

  6. Well that's a mighty long time ago since I saw you here.....how are you doing?

  7. okkk, noww it workss ) so thats me your kristina from slovakiaaa
  8. thankk youuu, I am glad that someone is thinking of mee ) rock oonnn people
  9. ok i dont know why it doesnt work, but u can visit my bands website myspace.com/zeephyr
  10. hey guys I didnt post myself for so long time , so here I am
  11. Thanks for friendship :)

  12. Heyy, yes we are young, we tried to play some pop rock..but nowadays we dont exist anymore..but new things happen now
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