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  1. Over the hills and far away...the beginning is like a rainbow in the sky:)
  2. As a great fan of LZ my songs which make me fee better and sometims extraordinary are Thats the way, Stairway, Since i ve been loving you, Going California and from Page and Plant Wonderful one, When the world was young, Blue train...
  3. oh hi :) its so sweet that you wrote me :) well, I am little bit bussy this year and theres almost no time for music :(( but i hope it will get better. and how about you? something new in you music life?:)

  4. okkk, noww it workss ) so thats me your kristina from slovakiaaa
  5. thankk youuu, I am glad that someone is thinking of mee ) rock oonnn people
  6. ok i dont know why it doesnt work, but u can visit my bands website myspace.com/zeephyr
  7. hey guys I didnt post myself for so long time , so here I am
  8. Thanks for friendship :)

  9. Heyy, yes we are young, we tried to play some pop rock..but nowadays we dont exist anymore..but new things happen now
  10. Hi :P you ve got good hair :P look similar as mine :)

  11. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...db-77453d0aa473 here you can see us
  12. Piano, singing (12years), guitar ( nothing special)
  13. have you added me in myspace? and did you see a video from my bands performance?

  14. Hey girls I know what you are writting about but maube you should write in azbuka in your PMs Ja vas pazdravlaju zo Slovakiji
  15. yeah I knw that , this summer i was in Petersburg, really nice, once I would like to visit Moscow
  16. nice pic can I ask from which city you are?
  17. yeah good for acoustic, but sound there was still horrible microphone is sign of that
  18. Well here is uor live performance only one song so enjoy http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...db-77453d0aa473 hope it will go
  19. Three years ago...my first band in my first garage microphone is wonderful
  20. Yes, and also his hair, really beautiful
  21. kristina

    Robert and Maureen?

    thats OK btw good to see some people from Russia here
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