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  1. I love rankings. Always interesting to read, and there's no wrong answer. I prefer the original '76 soundtrack to the newer one, if for no other reason than No Quarter, but I did welcome the extra tracks on the newer version. I wish they had included Thank You from 7/29 as it's a killer version. That said, here's my ranking: 1. No Quarter (original '76 version -- Bonzo and Jimmy are amazing) 2. TSRtS (This, 3/3/75, 5/25/75 & 6/21/77 are my favorites) 3. The Rain Song (absolutely beautiful) 4. Thank You (shame this was the last time they played it. Great solo)
  2. Hi. Longtime reader but my first time posting. Fantastic find. Thank you so much for the hard work involved in getting this gem done and out in such quality. Superb show. Thanks again! RJR
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