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  1. Thanks for the reply, and the breakdown on how and when in the process reverb was generally added was really useful as well! I would love some extra resources if you have the time to link me some, but otherwise, that alone was pretty useful, so thanks once again!
  2. Never heard of it, but thank you, haven't seen any other source detail that so i'll definitely check it out!
  3. I've been wanting to learn more and more about studio engineering, mixing, and recording techniques, and have had multiple questions pop up in my head over these past weeks. One I've had in mind was, how was reverb implemented to Led Zeppelin's studio tracks? It was never really just one studio for them. For their first album, I figure it's just an echo chamber or plate reverb system at Olympic Studios, where it was recorded, but pretty much every album after has confused me, especially the albums following Led Zeppelin II. Plenty of their recordings were recorded inside the rolling stones mobile studio, which they took along with them from Bron-Yr-Aur, Headley Grange, and the rest of their travels, with songs being listed to be recorded in it from Led Zeppelin III all the way to Physical Graffiti. Now for such a minor detail that no one should really care about, from a producers standpoint, where would adding reverb fit into all of this? Did the mobile studio have it's own reverb system, which I'm guessing to be a plate unit, or were they all added in post at a separate studio. I've been looking into Led Zeppelin IV, where after the recording has been finished, the tracks were taken to Sunset Studios, but the masterings were found to be terrible, so they were taken to Island Studios. Would the remastering process include reverb, did they stick with the reverb that might've been recorded at Sunset studio's in their own echo chamber? Did the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio have it's own reverb system? Anyways, thank you for reading this nonsensical post worrying over reverb, and if you happen to have any information, please share it, thank you for your time.
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