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  1. Well, there's no question that bands like The Who, The Yardbirds, Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple and the Jeff Beck Group had laid down the groundwork which Zeppelin were then able to exploit to the max, possibly to the detriment of some of the above. Bearing in mind Page's history though - both as a session man and with The Yardbirds - it does seem ridiculous to view Zeppelin as 'johnny-come-latelys'. Of course they had their influences, both old and recent, but then so did all of the aforementioned! The comparative ease with which they rose to the top came down to Grant and P
  2. King's Hall, Aberystwyth, 16th January, 1973. Partly because I love that tour, but mainly because my stepdad was there, aged 19.
  3. 'Dazed and Confused' when I first got the album and saw the video back in the 80's. Probably 'No Quarter' nowadays.
  4. I'd be sorely tempted to choose Stoke Trentham Gardens 15th January, 1973. Probably my favourite version of 'Dazed'. Shame the encore is missing.
  5. Why anyone would spend money on TK2 product with their track record is beyond me. Even if they sent it to me for free, I'd still rather listen to the Dogs of Doom upload.
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