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  1. 18 hours ago, SteveZ98 said:

    I experimented for an hour or so and was able to raise the level of Robert's voice. However, I had to do so much processing to it so the software could capture his vocals that they sound somewhat unnatural. Here's a sample of Killing Floor so you can hear what I'm talking about:


    I see what you mean about the vocals sounding a little unnatural after the processing, but it is still damn impressive that you have software that is capable of doing that!

  2. 20 hours ago, AchillesLastBand said:

    Um, through Dancing Days this show frankly blows away anything I've yet heard vis a vis '73 bootlegs. Maybe doesn't blow away 3/21 Hamburg but this sound quality is excellent!

    I also recently got a link from Steve to this show, and I was also astounded how much better it sounded than other copies I had in the past.  I always thought that the 1/22/73 was stellar quality with decent performances of most of the songs, but I could never get past how low Robert Plant's vocals were in the mix.  Steve somehow managed to push the vocals up in the mix where this show is now elevated to a very enjoyable listening experience.

    In a way, this show has always reminded me of 4/24/69 in terms of sound quality.  With the 4/24/69 show, the on-stage mics capture the band's sound perfectly, but again, Plant's vocals are quite distant in the mix.  I wonder if this show might be a good candidate for a remastering job to push up the vocals?


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