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  1. Hi! I remember hearing Carl Palmer say something along the lines of 'since elp was meant to be the best players together we weren't friends and in fact only by the end of the 70s did we become friends' Since LZ was ind of the same project (getting the best players) they didn't care about being the best of friends as opposed to the Beatles for instance
  2. Thanks Zep Head. I'm sorry I didn't find your original thread! Will be playing this as soon as I dl it
  3. Hi. I'm sorry if I'm asking for something that has already been shared but haven't been able to find it here. Can anybody give me a link for this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcKJ6F79qsM Thanks a lot
  4. Hi guys. I'm really interested in this merge. Can I get a link? Thanks
  5. Osaka 1972-10-09 from the empress box. Super cool!
  6. Hi guys! New to the forum. I used to have lots Zepp boots. Mailny Empress (was their fan then) Lost it all one day. Looking for to restart my collection. This seems a good place. Can I have a link? Thanks
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