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  1. Its a crime to do a documentary of the 70's music and no mention of Zeppelin, one of the biggest and most popular rock bands of that decade, specially during their early tours (68-73'). The band that popurizes the big tours with full stadium arenas, groupies, parties, private airplanes, etc.
  2. Complete Montreux 1970 and Germany dates from 1973 Full Blueberry Hill show, Australia/NZ and Japan 1972 gigs. IIRC there aren’t good quality 69-71 soundboards rights? I wanted all of them hahaha.
  3. Oh yeah, Seattle date was just before Inglewood. I agree, generally speaking, last part of NA 1975 tour (Seattle, Vancouver and Inglewood) has good shows with greats moments and performances. Its a bit difficult to choose only 1, so I would say any of them that has a good recording quality its my recommendation.
  4. 1969: Fillmore West, Texas International Pop Festival, Olympia 1970: Royal Albert Hall, Montreux Casino, Bath Festival, Blueberry Hill, MSG Evening show. 1971: Japanese gig 1972: Australia/NZ gig, L.A Forum/Inglewood shows (HTWWW) 1973: German and MSG shows 1975: Inglewood shows, Earls Court gig 1977: Inglewood shows 1979: Knebworth This is trying to bring a balance between quality recordings and performance. Its a rough spot to decide sometimes, but I think early zeppelin (68-71/mid 72) has greats amounts of good shows we still don’t know.
  5. In a whole ideal world, a chronological album would feature tracks not from already official CDs (BBC, HTWW and TRTS), that only gives us RAH, EC, KB and maaybe in a dream world, Japan 1971 tour. A distribution like these: CD1 (RAH 1970):We’re Gonna Groove, I Can’t Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, Moby Dick, HMMT, Bring It On Home and Communication Breakdown (7 tracks, 4 from LZ1, 2 from LZ2 and 1 “other”) [~73 minutes] CD2 (Japan 1971): Inmigrant Song, Heartbreaker, SIBLY, Black Dog, Stairway To Heaven, Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp, Thats the Way, Going to California, Thank You and Rock and Roll. (10 songs, 4 from LZ3, 4 from LZ4 and 2 from LZ2) [~70 minutes] CD3 (EC 1975): Sick Again, OTHAFA, IMTOD, TSRTS, Rain Song, No Quarter, Trampled Underfoot (7 songs, 4 from HOTH and 3 from PG) [~70 minutes] CD4 (KB 1979): Celebration Day, NFBM, Misty Mountain Hop, Ten Years Gone, Hot Dog, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, Kashmir, Achilles Last Stand, ITE, WLL (10 songs, 2 from ITTOD, 2 from Presence, 2 from PG, 1 from LZ4, 1 from LZ3, 1 from LZ2 and from “other”) [~64 minutes] Total: 34 songs (2 from “other”, 4 from LZ1, 5 from LZ2, 5 from LZ3, 5 from LZ4, 4 from HOTH, 5 from PG, 2 from Presence and 2 from ITTOD). [~277 minutes, 4 hours and 37 minutes] If would be possible to stretch the CDs to 80 minutes, I would include Something Else and C’om Everybody in CD1, plus WIAWSNB and Tangerine in CD2, giving a total of 38 songs and a total of 290 minutes of music.
  6. I think that Physical Graffiti and ITTOD second CDs could have been a reduced version of Earls Court and Knebworth concerts, something like this: Earls Court: Rock and Roll, Sick Again, In My Time of Dying, Kashmir, Tangerine, Going to California, Thats the Way, Bron-Yr-Stomp, Trampled Under Foot, Stairway to Heaven. Knebworth: The Song Remains the Same, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Ten Years Gone, Hot Dog, Rain Song, Achilles Last Stand, In The Evening, Whole Lotta Love. In bold, new unreleased live tracks and the rest are the same as the DVD tracks.
  7. IIRC these are the song they never played completely (just live Zep, 68-80), thats not counting when there were part of WLL or HMMT medleys. - Your Time is Gonna Come (LZ1) - Good Times Bad Times (LZ1) - Ramble On (LZ2) - Living Loving Maid (LZ2) - Hats off To Roy Harper (LZ3) - D’yer Maker (HOTH) - The Crunge (HOTH) [?] - Custard Pie (PH) - The Rover (PH) - Houses of the Holy (PH) - In the Light (PH) - Down by the Seaside (PH) - Night Flight (PH) - Boogie with Stu (PH) - For Your Life (Presence) - Royal Orleans (Presence) - Candy Rock Store (Presence) - Hots on Nowhere (Presence) - Tea For One (Presence) - South Bound Suarez (ITTOD) - Carouselambra (ITTOD) - I’m Gonna Crawl (ITTOD) - Fool in the Rain (ITTOD)
  8. A mash-up between all 5 dates is maybe possible in a 3CD compilation, likely using 28th and 29th show as main reference as we know that those were multi-tracked. Remember that a CD has a length of ~74 minutes (or 700 mb) CD1: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, SIBLY, Black Dog, Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven. Total: 74 minutes (That Please Please Me-From Me To You segment will likely be cut) CD2: Celebration Day, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Thats the Way, Going to California, We Shall Overcome, Tangerine, Down By Riverside, Friends (maybe?), WIAWSNB, Moby Dick. Total: 66 minutes (cut to ~61 if we removes Friends) CD3: Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown, Thank You, Rock and Roll. Total: 60 minutes. Total length: 200 minutes, 20 songs. I’m using this compilation as reference for the length of each song: https://youtu.be/cRAQpr0TKYc
  9. IA Tech and De-Mixing are really interesting and will continue evolving the next years. Imagine taking a good quality soundboard and then split into multi-tracks, you can work into good official materials. It increases the chance of more live albums like a compilation of best 1977 or 1980 tours. Or maybe more stuff like japan 71/72 or australia/new zealand 72. Ideally, one record for each tour (there are 30 tours LZ made in their career)
  10. Hi all Zeppelin fans. This is my first thread here (I think this is the correct forum sections?) and I would you like to ask (sorry if this was asked before) how do you think it would be organized that hyper speculated world tour that would have happen more or less 10 years ago. Lets say that we are in an alternate universe where Led Zeppelin members (RP, JP and JPJ) announced a world tour by early 2008, after the huge succes of O2 concert. What do you think it would have been organized? How many dates they would played? How many countries they would visit? What setlist they would played? For reference, this is a list of countries and cities LZ played in their career (https://www.ledzeppelin.com/venues/). In addition, to give an example for bands almost contemporary of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang Tour" was between 2005 to 2007 (exactly 2 years) and they played 147 gigs, on the contrary, ACDC "Black Ice World Tour" lasted 168 gigs between 1 year and 8 months (from october 2008 to june 2010). So I was thinking of a tour consisted by 160 shows with a length of 2 years (like 2008 to 2010). Remember that LZ neved did a world tour in their prime years, so the idea for the band is to visit for the first time new places like South America. How it would be organized? I thought of something like these: UK Leg (15 shows) -> november-december 2008 North America Leg (USA, Canada and Mexico, 70 shows) -> february-august 2009 South America Leg (Argentina, Brasil, Chile and Peru, 8 shows) -> september 2009 Oceania Leg (Australia and New Zealand, 7 shows) -> november 2009 Europe Leg (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Bulgaría, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Poland, Norway, Finland and Romania, 50 shows) -> march-july 2010 Asia Leg (China, South Korea and Japan, 10 shows) -> october 2010
  11. Also want the link. Thanks for what you have done.
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