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  1. Been away from this forum for a while. There seems to have been a lot of exciting info posted but in a nutshell it looks like quite a wait before any definite tour is announced. Oh well I think Lep fans are used to waiting. John
  2. Wow - what an interesting thread this has been. Went to the LZ concert in 1975 at Earls Court ( at University at the time) - could not get tickets for the recent event Its been fun reading the comments of those of you that went but my blood pressure started to rise when I read the comments about the number idots who did not even see the whole concert. I wish I could have had one of their seats. John
  3. I have been a LZ fan since my university days in the early 70's ( attended the Earls Court concert). If someone offered you a ticket for £1000 - £3000 would you pay if you could afford it? I am not sure I would. John
  4. I would be amazed if they missed this song out. The Earls Court performance in 1975 was absolutely brilliant - look it up on the LZ double DVD disc if you have not seen it. John
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