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  1. Anytime this subject is brought up it gets ridicule. When people are afraid they make jokes trying to cover up their fear. To believe we are alone in this universe, let alone this dimension, is ludicrous. Have they been to earth/are they here now? I'd say highly probable to both. I agree with ledzeppelin 77 in that they could have sent/be sending pilotless probes, just like we have.
  2. So if it's "been", why don't you hear "I've " before it? And what is he singing after "been"? Just aaaaah? Tryin to find where you belong makes way more sense.
  3. Hmm, bit rude.☹ I was hoping someone else would also agree with me. I've heard the song many times, also. Not as many as you, though. I'll always hear belong, so there! 🤪
  4. I disagree. Listen for the loooooooong part, plus it makes more sense.
  5. Tryin to find, tryin to find where..... Is it 1. I've beeeeeeeen? Or 2. I belooooooooong? I always thought it was belong.
  6. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/touchdown-nasas-mars-perseverance-rover-safely-lands-on-red-planet
  7. You're in for a ride! Go in with no expectations. It requires a second watch, or 3rd or....🙂 The correct way to watch is Season 1 Season 2 Fire, walk with me Season 3 Enjoy!
  8. Me too! Do you like Twin Peaks? Have You seen season 3?
  9. David Lynch, creator, writer, director, actor of my favourite show ever TWIN PEAKS, loves KASHMIR!
  10. David Lynch, writer, director, creator, actor of my favourite show, TWIN PEAKS, loves KASHMIR!
  11. That's good. I rarely visit here, nothing new happening, unfortunately.
  12. I'm going well, thank you. No covid out here. You?
  13. Ah, I see. thought it was strange that nobody commented. I'm going well, no covid near us at all. How are you? xx
  14. Errr sorry, thinking about it Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page says the COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for the music business because no concerts have been able to take place. Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page says the COVID-19 pandemic has made him think about “coming back” and performing live again. The 76-year-old guitarist has been planning a live comeback for the past few years, following his last reunion with the ‘Whole Lotta Love’ rockers in 2007 at the tribute concert hosted at The O2 in London for late Atlantic Record President Ahmet Ertegun. Going into lockdown due to the coronavirus has crisis has inspired Jimmy to strap on his guitar once again for some concerts once venues re-open. In an interview with GQ magazine, he said: “When we first went into lockdown I thought, 'Right, now's the time to start thinking about coming back at some point and being able to perform.'” Jimmy insists the cancellation of concerts all over the world to stop the spread of the potentially deadly respiratory illness has strengthened his belief that “music means nothing” without live performances. And the one-time Yardbirds member admits he is “worried” about the future of the arts, especially what the lack of opportunities to perform live will do to up-and-coming artists. He said: “It’s such a very sad and desperate time and what this virus has done internationally to families, to the arts, and everything we love and hold dear and the whole concert situation, it does worry me … I will never be one of those people who'll record alone and send someone a file. I never went into music in the first place to do that, it was for playing together and this is what it means. We need to play with people, we need gigs and we need community. Because without that, music means nothing. “Playing live is so important for young musicians. “When we were young, we all had these little gigs, hoping to play somewhere bigger and it's such an important part of that communion of musicians playing together. "For me it's always been the most important thing.” Contactmusic Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain: PM's top aides leave No 1@BBC News live - B A Dalek with Feelings (HD) | Evolution of the Daleks | Doctor Who The Doctor confronts the hybrid Dalek Sec. Is there really a chance that Daleks could evolve for the better? Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToDoctorWho... Mark Kermode reviews Battle Royale (2000) | BFI Player "Who needs a remake, when you have an original that still packs this kind of punch." Watch Battle Royale on BFI Player (UK only): https://player.bfi.org.uk/subscription/film/watch-battle-royale-2000-online... SHOPPING With BEAN | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Mr. Bean goes to a department store and buys various items. Afterwards, he goes to a fancy restaurant where he tries to dispose his awful-tasting meal. Finally, Bean goes to a Royal greeting... The Palace has declined to comment on the matter. Machine Gun Kelly - Forget Me Too ft. Halsey Video Machine Gun Kelly strays into the pop-punk culture of the mid-2000s with the video for his track 'Forget Me Too' featuring Halsey and Blink-182's... Beabadoobee - Fake It Flowers Album Review We're not really sure what we were expecting from Filipino-British singer-songwriter Beabadoobee's debut studio album Fake It Larray - Canceled Video In what is probably one of the greatest internet diss tracks of all time, Larray Merritt takes aim at all the YouTube and TikTok stars who have been... Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco - Lonely Video It's impossible not to feel for Justin Bieber after watching the video for his latest single 'Lonely' performed with producer Benny Blanco. King Princess - Only Time Makes It Human It Might Get Loud Trailer Watch the trailer for It Might Get Loud.Together the works of Jimmy By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You
  15. Man, I tried to tell you that years ago. So pleased you've come around,
  16. Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd The Beatles
  17. I just read on Facebook that it could be called "Apollo".
  18. Exactly! I hate summer. Those few weeks of fires and smoke were horrendous. We're forecast for a week of rain and I'm loving it.
  19. From 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 to💧⛈🌧💧💧
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