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  1. Man, has reading all of this been a trip down Memory Lane. I was 17 (living in Maine at the time) and on a senior class trip (through an educational exchange group) to London when we were given one night to do whatever we wanted. Three of my friends and I scalped tickets to the April 17, 1988 Plant gig at the Hammersmith Odeon. Talk about blind luck and the alignment of the stars. When Jimmy Page came out for the encores and played Trampled Under Foot, Misty Mountain Hop, Gambler's Blues (which I was not familiar with at the time, but seemed to involve bits of I Can't Quit You and Since I've Been Loving You), and finished with yet one more encore - Rock and Roll... I thought I might have been seeing things. I heard later that Page and Plant were tuning up for a reunion for an Atlantic Records celebration a month after this, but for years, I found it nearly impossible to get anyone to believe this had happened - never mind that I had actually witnessed it - but thank goodness for the Internet! Now I can even listen to those bootleg snippets someone posted of the show (thank you so much to whoever that was). Was anyone else at this show? Thanks for letting me Ramble On...
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