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  1. I know this is years later but I think what you wrote is totally fair. Some fans behave as though they are entitled to the work an artist creates. I met Robert once he had a new baby, actually his brother in -law( i think was Glen) mentioned he had a new son with his former sister in law. So, see they have dysfuntional but still loving families to deal with just like we all do. I dunno but i really stopped seeing Robert as a rock star while I was in Worcester for awhile. Suddenly seeing him and Jason wasn't a big deal. The town where we lived is their hometown. In between all the demands to do interviews appearances where people talk endlessly about the past, they also have kids in school and summer holidays etc.. family shit.
  2. I really didn't know alot of that, so thanks
  3. Maybe NOT millions..hehehe, but he could still do work without a vocalist. But i will have agree... its ....tick tock....time has perhaps made the decision for him. I hope he enjoys retirement. Cheers
  4. You know what they say about "remember when" stories..being the lowest form of conversation. Well Page could put out 10 albums by now ALL instrumental ALL awesome. They would not only SELL but showcase what he truly is. (Alot like Townshend & John Paul Jones) a multi-instrumentalist but no singing, i would cherish that kind of album. Hes a master of production in the studio. That's what i HOPE hes doing. Late reply sorry!
  5. Why cant he make an INSTRUMENTAL record??That would sell millions in NORTH AMERICA and the rest....but he REALLY need to stop dangling empty promises. It's uncool. And he's still cool to me. At this point he's 77 so recordings are good enough for me or even a special concert televised instead of body bashing tours...even if they do take 2 nights off. These dudes are old guys now. They ALL look way better than they deserve and the ones who work still play better than ever.
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