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  1. recorded more videos Portuguese music fados Flamenco dances Gypsies Celtic music Jazz musicians Strange folk music Some pop covers Street hip hop and poetry (On my birthday) Some aestethical J*rks Some political rants Documentaries Advertising exercices Will keep updating
  2. Today, the fifth of the seventh, I turn 57. El dia que naci yo mala estrella reinaria /(the day I was born bad star would have reigned) Not so bad, on that day my hometown team The Real Zaragoza won the Spain Cup, later the Generalissimo (Franco) Cup and today the King's Cup. I was born in front of their stadium. For those Brits , specially those of the Arsenal, you might remember this goal well that is my Real Zaragoza. Years later, working as a salesman I had to go to Ceuta, one of the spanish enclaves in Morocco, as it was lunchtime I entered the first bar I found to have a beer and a tapa and.... It was Nayim's Place. decorated with lots of odd lottery tickets (the 00000 and the llikes) there is no thing such as coincidence. So I woke up and put "the song Reamains the Same" first thing in the morning, now i am watching the full movie as I write this crazy rantings to you. I am gong to roll my lats joint, it is not that I am going to quit drugs, but just ran uot of hash and make myself a Bron-Ya_ur coffee with Passport Scotch (The only COVID passport I will use in my life) and go on writing to you all. Luckily, after moths of lockdowns i foun a Fine watering hole in the most bohemiam quarter of Lisbon, The Mouraria, they treated my nicely soi made uo thist little advertising for them in return: A hood ang a place I highly recommend if you come to Lisbon. The only shadow that day is that i knew of the death of the gentleman that starred the first video i ever uploaded to the internet, my dear Crazy Fadista so I reunited all the stuff I had recorded of him, posted it in my blog and sent it to his friends at Los Amigos da Severa you can find all of it it here, fo him the song remained the same to, so I want to be in that number when Satan comes marching in. I have not got gifts for my birthday for years, so my custom is thecontrary, I love to hand gifts for my birthday, i am going to buy a little candle holder like this to a very dear friend of mine and will improvise thru tha day to hand some more..... So little more about me, I blog from Lisbon www.dodgone.com, I am in love with Led Zeppelin since i was 12 and hope this love will go on for a very long time. and that i will be thinking about you, my fellow Led Zeppelin fans, all thru the day PS. a reminder to the brave Julian Assange, his birthday was a couple of days ago, i will be thinking and praying for him. Please join me in this looking forward to seeing him free again. Thanks and Regards David Let's the song Remain The Same for all of us;
  3. I was 12 and a friend of my older bro lend him one of the casettes os "Physical Graffiti", the one starting with "In the Light" and followed by "Bron-ya-Ur" It was love at the first hearing, o played the casette over an over again. At that time we owned a pretty record collection, includong Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal, that was banned in Spain, Beggars baquet of the Rolling Stones, the first records of Elton John, Guess Who, and many more but nothing compared to Led Zeppelin. Years later I was asked by a friend to help him to prepare an english exam, I gave him a couple of classes, iwas not going to charge him for that as his mom waned so he stole for me two records from the local record store, one of them was the "Physical grafffiti". It was the best gift i have ever had. Every 5th of July, my birthday i play "The Song Remains the Same" full blast first thing in the morning and over an over again just to make my spirit high.
  4. it is an amercan wesiite, the babylon bee.....
  5. i have started also my own channel with my own production My equipment is not very good and i am still learning, will keep updated
  6. Sorry, this not for disrespecting this important day but i would like to make a point.... Army Introduces New Gender Reveal Grenades For Trans Soldiers May 26th, 2021 - BabylonBee.com WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Pentagon revealed today an exciting new standard-issue piece of equipment for all soldiers in the United States Army: a gender reveal grenade. Instead of exploding in a deadly blast of shrapnel to neutralize America's foes, the grenade will simply detonate in a harmless puff of smoke to indicate the soldier's chosen gender identity. "Our foes will cower in fear as our brave soldiers pop off a grenade that announces their gender identity," said a spokesperson for the Army. "Imagine the look on Chinese soldiers' faces as they hide in their bunkers and a grenade comes screaming in, only to pop open and bravely declare, 'It's a girl!'" The Army has already performed field tests in the Middle East. As U.S. soldiers stormed an ISIS stronghold, one trans soldier screamed, "Grenade!" and threw her grenade, which exploded in a cloud of pink. The other soldiers applauded their sister in arms for her bravery. The soldiers were, of course, slaughtered by ISIS, who just shrugged and laughed when they saw the pink smoke. But what's important, according to the after-action report, is that everyone felt included. According to the spokesperson, the old frag grenades will be slowly phased out, as they are harmful and triggering to the opposing side in a war. "We look forward to a utopian future where war is just two sides taking turns throwing gender reveal grenades at one another. Surely, that day is coming soon." America's foes and geopolitical threats all said they are 100% in favor of the change This a comparision among the American, Russian and chinese recruitment videos (in spanish), just pick your warriors https://www.dodgone.com/blog/bienvenidos-a-la-woke-us-army
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