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  1. I was 12 and a friend of my older bro lend him one of the casettes os "Physical Graffiti", the one starting with "In the Light" and followed by "Bron-ya-Ur" It was love at the first hearing, o played the casette over an over again. At that time we owned a pretty record collection, includong Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal, that was banned in Spain, Beggars baquet of the Rolling Stones, the first records of Elton John, Guess Who, and many more but nothing compared to Led Zeppelin. Years later I was asked by a friend to help him to prepare an english exam, I gave him a couple of c
  2. it is an amercan wesiite, the babylon bee.....
  3. i have started also my own channel with my own production My equipment is not very good and i am still learning, will keep updated
  4. Sorry, this not for disrespecting this important day but i would like to make a point.... Army Introduces New Gender Reveal Grenades For Trans Soldiers May 26th, 2021 - BabylonBee.com WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Pentagon revealed today an exciting new standard-issue piece of equipment for all soldiers in the United States Army: a gender reveal grenade. Instead of exploding in a deadly blast of shrapnel to neutralize America's foes, the grenade will simply detonate in a harmless puff of smoke to indicate the soldier's chosen gender identity. "Our foes will cower
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