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  1. Hello Cooler King, The tone on Immigrant Song is LP #1 through some amp with a solid state rectifier, possibly a Marshall or a Hiwatt. Page was using Hiwatts for his live rig so it's possible - just without the built in overdrive engaged. I nail that sound with my LP through either my Marshall or my '70s Hiwatt DR103. I say those amps because of the midrange coming through. Page was big on keeping the tone pure - capturing what sound was in the room rather than monkeying with EQ on the board - so the tone is coming from the guitar and amp. FWIW the Hiwatt is little more midrange than
  2. Hi All, I am just learning about this series here, Over the weekend, Parade magazine had a headline story - Songs of '71. No mention of Led Zeppelin and Stairway to Heaven. Seriously? This series sounds like the AM radio version of the world and missing the entire plot of what was going on for real, under the hood. It's the same reason Rush was marginalized for almost 40 years and ignored by Rolling Stone and the rest. Did they mention Jethro Tull and Agualung? Another key album of that time.
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