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  1. they say they are in post production or covid has taken over so they stopped the project...For Now!
  2. my fav band member is: Thom Yorke Fav Album: Ok Computer Fav Song: Airbag
  3. Neil Peart R.I.P He had a drum set that would go 360! and bonzo is one of my fav drummers of all time
  4. i saw this looks quite funny!
  5. pretty cold here in washington state USA im on the pacific northwest its pretty chilly i also got to fly in a plane for 15 mins so im happy today!
  6. im listening to best of north american tour 1977 a pink floyd bootleg its soundboard and in flac so its really good.
  7. here buddy:Amazon.com: POSTER STOP ONLINE Led Zeppelin - Music Poster/Print (Celebration Day) (Size: 24" x 36"): Posters & Prints
  8. moby dick intro outro ref mix YES IM GETTING political here and its my fav mix of that song.
  9. im sorry for your loss may he play with bonzo in heaven!
  10. why is everyone talkin about aliens if this is about freaking LED ZEP i dont understand some people
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