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  1. Where can I find these tracks from Headley Grange...????
  2. So to clarify... I have listened to the verision on the IV Deluxe Edition which is the "Basic Track.." version. So in this particular version the delay is the same (the same to the elusive track I'm looking for). You can hear that the delay drags out a bit more in this one... However its missing the outro solo. The particular version of the solo starts out the same however it continues off with an alternate riff... Really though the thing to remember is when that song starts out you swore you were listening to the original version... lest scrutinizing ears would really know until the outro solo... To get really nerdy, the solo starts off with Page doing the riff that climbs the neck that repeats like 3 times. In the normal studio version he comes back to this riff at about 4:30 time mark. In this elusive version the riff he is playing at about the 4:22 mark just continues on with a completely different ending... I can literally hear it in my head... I NEED Help Oh yea, and it kinda sounds like its mono..??
  3. That version is on the BBC sessions and is not the one I am referring to. That BBC sesh definitely sounds like a live recording. The one I am looking for sounds pretty much identical to the original track on LZ 4. Really I've looked up and down Youtube and have yet to find it
  4. Ok so I keep hearing a version of Black Dog played on a local station here in SoCal but I cannot find it anywhere and its driving me ABSOLUTLEY CRAZY!! It pretty much sound like the normal studio take we all know but the whole recording sounds slightly less refined with Plants vocals having a bit more echo to them... and the the outro solo was basically an "Extended" version of the classic solo. One of the DJ's mentioned something about a BBC Session..?? However this is not a live version just a "alernative take" and to be clear, this is not the version that was released in 2014 with the overdubs.... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
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