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  1. I love Page's acoustic fills on it and his b-bender. He made "the song" work rather than being flashy.
  2. Also to add as I was in travel LZ 3 1) Immigrant Song (alternate mix) 2) Friends (instrumental) 3) That's The Way (alternate take) 4) Key To The Highway House Of The Holy Every single song Physical Graffiti Everybody Makes it Through Presence 1) Achilles Last Stand (alternate mix) 2) For Your Life (alternate mix) 3) Royal Orleans (alternate vocal) 4) 10 Ribs ITTOD 1) In The Evening (alternate mix) 2) The Epic (alternate mix) Coda 1) We're Gonna Groove (alternate mix) 2) Poor Tom (instrumental) 3) If It Keeps On Raining 4) Bonzo's Montreaux (alternate mix) 5) Desire (alternate mix) 6) Bring It On Home (alternate take)
  3. Sorry, just starting an account Anyway, Hello all Starting off with each reissue: LZ1 1) Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (live) 2) You Shook Me (live) LZ 2 1) Thank You (instrumental) 2) Livin' Lovin' Maid (instrumental) 3) Thank You (instrumental) 4) Moby Dick (edited) LZ 4 1) The Battle Of Evermore (instrumental) 2) Going To California (instrumental) More ro cone...
  4. Hello. From each of the reissues as follows: LZ1 1) G
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