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  1. There is a soundboard tape of them and others from the 1969 Seattle Pop Festival in Woodinville WA, but it's still in the hands of an eccentric Japanese collector last I heard. They apparently stole the show at that festival, and blew The Doors literally right off the stage. I remember reading that a local LZ collector in Seattle pissed off the sound guy that kept the tape in negotiations so instead he sold it to a Byrds collector for 10K who then traded it for rare Byrds stuff from the Japanese guy. A real shame, but maybe someday it will surface. I highly doubt the Byrds collector didn't make a copy.
  2. I guess my Dad went to this show. My uncle told me he was disappointed they didn't play more of their older acoustic and blues tunes, and the pot smoke was so thick you couldn't breathe. Does anyone here know what company promoted the Seattle show? I just took a guess on Concerts West since they did the 72 show I believe.
  3. Does anyone even have a pic of the official Seattle 73 concert poster? I think it was promoted by Concerts West like 72 but not 100% sure.
  4. Oh now that is very interesting. So they would have all been bootlegs probably sold outside the coliseum? Well even pics of those for 1973 would help too. Thank you for that clarification.
  5. Corrected. Sorry about that. Someone on another forum mentioned Showco, but I believe those t-shirts were only given to crews who worked the shows. I found this Tampa one, I wonder if the Seattle one was similar?
  6. My friend was born July 17th 1973 the day they played the Seattle Coliseum. She wants to find either an original, or replica of the concert t shirts that were sold at this particular show. I have been unable to find anything online so hoping somebody here might point me in the right direction. Very much appreciated.
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