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  1. Thank you Sam, Webmaster! Do you know where we could go for COA? That's great. I ll let my friend know. And ask him to buy the beers next time we go out...
  2. Thank you for your comments - yes they are all on one side of each - really interesting back story. R Plant's auntie was my pal's nan's flower girl! My friend's father was a jeweller in the Black Country and there is some connection to do with buying a watch or getting a repair done I will check. Whenever RP could and was in the area he would pop by to see my friend's dad, hence this treasure chest of items. At the time (he dates it as mid 75 according to the album releases and what his dad said) it was considered just a lovely kind gesture, but over time they became highly valuable, we imagine.
  3. My friend owns these items and asked me to look at getting them valued for insurance reasons, as they were an inheritance from a parent, so sentimental value is very high as well. I will try to upload pics for those who would like to see them. Sorry they won't be for sale at all. If you could help with who might be good to approach or particular websites, please? Mike.
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