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  1. Zerocred/Zerosense/Zerohedge is about as credible as the National Enquirer. Or slightly below it. However, I commend the commitment of the use of that site as some sort of authority, or even a source of information however silly it is. What has been making me laugh is when people try to lump the New York Times are Wall Street Journal, or some other highly credible new source in with the “Lame Stream Media”. It’s comical in some ways. If we all got vaccinated, and would just be mindful of others and show respect we would be in a much different and better place.
  2. Damn! You are one sexy, handsome? Amazingly good looking dude/women. Or LGTBQlmnop. I mean that with all do respect ✊. I don’t want to get canceled. Well, really I don’t care if I do. Either way. Steve. I’m impressed with your ability to change your look and style so effortlessly. Good job my man/women? I say thank you Sir! Or Madam? Whichever you are comfortable with.
  3. Yes we have dealt with the 15 days. We also went from “ soon it will go away” to over 44 million cases, and 700 thousand Americans dying from it. This is certainly something that a lot of people got wrong and didn’t know a whole about. I also remember a former President saying that it would go away after the election. Well it hasn’t gone away, and the country is as divided as it has been since perhaps the civil war. These are certainly some strange times we are living in.
  4. Hey RainbowElf, hope you and yours are well. I really wish that Mr. Reids and the Forum would allow us to have political and religious conversations. And I truly mean that. I have so many questions, and would love to reply to some of your posts in particular. I’m not saying any of this in a sarcastic manner. I will say that as a good Christian, we should not pass judgment on others, or presume to know who they are in their heart and head without knowing anything about them other than what we hear and or read in passing. I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with Kathy. Really I don’t have any skin in the game with respect to her or her beliefs or politics. Especially considering that outside of my In-Laws living in the state that she represents it doesn’t effect me personally too much. If you are directly effected by policy that Kathy and her team are responsible for, then I appreciate your thoughts I suppose. Having said all of that, I think that it is perhaps against your moral compass, and beliefs to take it upon yourself to determine who, and what she is considering that you most likely are not in her parish, and I would assume that you do not speak with her, or anyone that may know her. Right on RainbowElf. I hope you have a great night.
  5. Well Bobdobbs. I dig the video. I might be an idiot as a side note. Like a good intentions type of idiot. Well, my wife might have something to say about that last part of good intentions. Either way, thanks for the video. Thanks for helping me to better understand my idiocy, and you are a scholar, and a gentleman! Damn, I have some work to do as well. But, not a tinfoil hat in my house that I know of, and on top of that, I found the music to be somewhat enjoyable. Also, science is cool. I can get behind science.Those guys who study at that building, with those other people for a long time, to figure out stuff that you and I, and RainbowElf and Mr. JohnOsbourne can benefit from. Those guys are cool! Have a great night Sir.
  6. I’m interested for sure. I would love to hear your story about that night and leading up to it. I tried like crazy, my wife also tried knowing what a massive event this was in my life as well as her life with me. I wasn’t as lucky, or maybe didn’t have the right resources, or maybe I wasn’t as resourceful as I could or should have been. But the first part of your story sounds awesome. Please continue. Thanks for sharing by the way.
  7. You know what, I get it now. I do and did sound ignorant. Never mind that last post of mine.
  8. It looks like it ran from 1981-1988, what an amazing find Mark Zep. Without sounding kind of ignorant, was this a show done in America? On IMDB it doesn’t say. It mentions the host Mr. Katsura. Again awesome job on the MarkZep. Really cool. I love seeing stuff like this resolved. Have a great night.
  9. Alright man, let’s start over. It’s a shame that they didn’t invite JPJ. I also wish that would have. Here we sit 25 plus years from that time and it sucks that it didn’t go down that way. How do you feel about it Weapon2010? Hope that helps us in our new relationship moving forward. I’m being serious now Weapon. Also, what shows did you go to? What year? While you were at the show or shows, were you thinking 🤔 “ Goddamn it! These guys should have invited, and included John Paul Jones”. Or was it something that crept up on you overtime? For me I just was happy to be able to see the two of them and enjoy what we were able to witness and experience. Let me know where you stand. I’m interested in it.
  10. Thanks for the thumbs up on the name. I appreciate it. I also like WEAPON2010. That’s very original, descriptive, and says a lot about you. I’m sorry you are lashing out on everyone with the exception of SteveZ98. And yes he is a cool guy and has some real contributions to the forum for sure. Hopefully you can calm down a little bit and forget about all the tough guy routines, and the LOL’s, and the NOT, and Dbag, and Bitch, and all the other tough talk and find some interesting information in this place. Right on weepon2010 have a great night big guy.
  11. Thanks for the reply, the only reason I thought of that was the reference to host saying it had been 12 years since he had last met/talked with Robert. But I agree, pretty trivial to ask about a random Japanese host who he may or may not know? I’ll find that thread on Steve Hoffman’s forum to see if that helps. Although, I don’t think it is related. The production seems pretty good for the time. Like there was some money thrown at it. The Sub Titles also make me think that it was for another broadcast. I doubt someone was watching TV and needed the subtitles to understand it, and then put it out some 30 plus years later. Have a good night/day.
  12. I also love the 77 tour. It has some of my favorite performances. And you can’t go wrong with Kashmir ever. But I really dig Robert’s 77 vocals, and some nights Jimmy was out of his mind brilliant. Some nights he might have been the most loaded guy in the building. But he was/is the baddest man on the planet so I’m cool with him having some performances where he was trying to stretch and go places that no one else did or dared. JPJ was always world class, and Bonham was just the best no matter what. Having said all of that, check out the TSRTS again, give a go a couple times. It’s kickass. It’s absolutely a great performance in my opinion when you consider all that led up to it. I really also need to make clear that Robert in 77-80 has some of my favorite vocals, phrasing, and range ever. And in my opinion no one comes close to his voice. He is in a league of his own. All of them are. Sorry for rambling. Have a great night.
  13. Let me get this straight, you bring up a topic, you get a reply back that you don’t like. Then you get all key board warrior and studio gangster on people. the search option on the site is maybe a little difficult, but to start calling people “ Bitch”? Right on weapon2010. Just curious, what Philly shoes did you go to? Just some advice, try not to take everything so personal and lash out at the slightest perceived insult. Which I’m not sure Mr. Strider was insulting you. And if he did, try and not be such a soft little baby bitch about it. Grow up Peter Pan. Or troll places and if everyone doesn’t just crush on everything you say then get all hardcore on them.
  14. Honestly that is some bizarre shit! What the hell man. Totally reckless. Regardless of what the claim/reason was. Just plain risky and dumb really. It’s not like that is some Jet where it is easy to maneuver. That big clunky Piece Of Shit could have come apart and done crazy amounts of damage. Wow. You know, that is proof that a majority of people are pretty dumb. Let’s take our biggest, clumsiest, oldest plane, the plane that reminds us of a 1978 Ford LTD and fly it around a heavily populated area and through and between some our tallest, most heavily/dense buildings and scare the shit out of people. Alright I guess I will read the article and find out why these jokers did this? I’m sure there is a very valid reason. And I’m sure they were vaccinated, and had on masks. They might have been checking to see if people were wearing their masks, making their vaccine appointments, and checking to see if KFC smugglers were running amuck!
  15. This is an excellent show! And I agree I love it that shows are still turning up after all these years.
  16. Honestly I love your enthusiasm Rainbow. But as a true American, son of 5 generations of Carpenters, and military family, and some real American bad asses. I’m not so sure about the youth of today going to war with China and their population. I have younger siblings, and a daughter in high school, and today’s youth seem a little soft to me. Not to say that they’re bad, or less than. But the American spirit we had after 9/11 I think is long gone. We are in a new world. One where kids walk around all day on their phones, or their social media. The world is getting smaller with social media, and we might have some very bright young minds. But this generation does not seem like a pick up your gun, sign up and go to war generation. And I’m hopeful that the Chinese population would feel the same way. War with China, would look a hell of a lot different than war with Iraq, or the Taliban. Cheers.
  17. Well, you are absolutely correct that viruses do not discriminate, and I would also agree that an overwhelming amount of the statistics about race and COVID are predominantly about identity politics. Cheers Steve. Take care.
  18. Sounds a lot like the premise to the Michael Keaton movie Gung Ho! You guys might end up really liking each other and getting some culture. You might start practicing Tai Chi and using chopsticks. They might start liking overalls and trucker hats and six shooter pistols. Being serious for a moment. I think it is less about people and more about government. The lack of trust in our government as well as others is at an all time high. To only trust a government that is made up of your political party seems a little naive to me. Certainly there are power hungry people/individuals or groups in any walk of life. But to condemn an entire party of people, or an entire country, ethnicity, or people of different spiritual and religious beliefs simply because they are not like you or I is just short sited and ignorant. You’re not an ignorant guy. Perhaps a little angry? Try accepting conversations, or reading or watching things out of your comfort zone. You can always go back to hating the Asians/Chinese, and anything with color. One last question, what and where were all these American/white jobs that Trump was creating? Say what you want about that communist Sleepy Joe, but he is doing okay in the Job sector. Right on Rainbowelf. Have a great night.
  19. Well I would hope you aren’t trying to say that I support a narrative, or that I’m playing identity politics. That would just be false. You can look up a lot of statistics and be confused by them. I would say that there are a few people on this thread that are supporting a narrative though Steve. We all don’t have to believe the same thing, or feel the same way about said topics. Hell, RainbowElf wants to go to war with all of China! That poor bastard just made a billion enemies. And I’m pretty sure even though he doesn’t like Bobdobbs he is going to need his help, along with JohnOsbourne and you and I. Three out of the 5 of us are vaccinated as well. So we probably stand a good shot at taking them on. Cheers Steve.
  20. And the above post really isn’t on topic is it Steve. Is your enemy all Chinese, or the Chinese government? If it is all Chinese, man that’s a lot of enemies. Like a billion or something close to that. I get the Muslim extremists. Terrible people. A lot like Qanon, or Leftwing extremists, or Rightwing extremists. Extremists in general seem to be just be bad. Or if you are talking Muslim/Islamic terrorists. Those people are the worst. But I don’t know how many of them are taking the vaccine?
  21. I have been reading a bunch of different statistics and find myself being very confused. This article below may even have me more confused. I will have to re-read it a few times to get it I suppose. But at first and second read, it seems to say that white people are the largest percentage of our population who are not vaccinated. I don’t know, I have a headache from it. Below is from KFF.org As of this week, 77% of the adult population in the United States have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. While this progress represents a marked achievement in vaccinations that has led to steep declines in COVID-19 cases and deaths, vaccination coverage—and the protections provided by it—remains uneven across the country. With the continued spread of the more transmissible Delta variant, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are rising, largely among unvaccinated people. While as of September 21, 2021, White adults accounted for the largest share (60%) of unvaccinated adults,1 Black and Hispanic people remain less likely than their White counterparts to have received a vaccine, leaving them at increased risk, particularly as the variant spreads. However, the data show that these disparities are narrowing over time, particularly for Hispanic people. black people have received smaller shares of vaccinations compared to their shares of cases, deaths, and the total population in more than half of states reporting data. In the remaining reporting states, the share of vaccinations they have received is similar to their shares of cases, deaths, and the total population. For example, in Florida, Black people have received 9% of vaccinations, while they make up 15% of cases, 17% of deaths, and 15% of the total population. Reflecting disproportionate levels of infection, Hispanic people have received smaller shares of vaccinations compared to their shares of cases in most reporting states. Their share of vaccinations is similar or higher than their shares of deaths in most reporting states. However, in some states it remains lower. For example, in California, 31% of vaccinations have gone to Hispanic people, while they account for 61% of cases, 47% of deaths, and 40% of the total population in the state.
  22. What is this picture of? What is it is in relationship too? Certainly looks like a cluster Fu&$ wherever it is. Are these Haitian refugees? And I’m curious, are we in darker times than we have been in before? Certainly waking up the day after 9/11 seemed really dark. Or for a certain group of people waking up after elections have not gone the way the way they wanted it to go. Those also seemed like dark times I would imagine. Waking up the morning after the 89 Lima Prieta Earthquake was pretty crazy. If I missed what this picture was about I apologize. Just not sure what it is a picture of?
  23. Yeah this is a sad loss. I would like to say my wife was a huge fan of sex in the city. Truth is, I liked the show as well. She certainly led me to the show. He played many great roles, and yes Bob, he seemed like a genuine good dude. I usually don’t get effected by celebrity deaths. I honestly believe that they have been effecting me more lately because it makes me think of my own mortality. When you’re a kid, in your early 30’s late 20’s, death and being old seems so far away. You get to be in your mid 40’s or older and realize if you are lucky, you are on the back 9. Bless all of their families. Time is short, I hope I can learn to appreciate life and people more in the present, and in the future.
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