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  1. Thanks for all of the replies! The insights you all provide has let me gain a better appreciation of the intricacies of Zep's music. Did a full listening of PG yesterday. Never get tired of that album. ncdoc
  2. New registered member, I have lurked here for a long time. I want to thank the regular members for the hours of enjoyment they have given me over the years. You guys are incredible. I apologize if this is a wasted post. I was out tonight watering my plants. I'm in US, NC, and it has been blistering hot. I had my pods in and was listening to a Zep compilation I had put together. I will say that I have had a few (hmm, maybe I am underestimating) beers. Newcastle BTW, though it has been ruined since they got bought out here, just cant find a lot better. I included the Wanton Song on my compilation list. I have always loved that song. I guess, if pressed, I would say Physical Graffiti is my favorite record. I think it is the best double album ever produced. Anyway, I remembered watching some You Tube videos in the past talking about how some of the magic of Zeppelin was how Bonham followed Page rather than setting the rhythm with Jones. I must have replayed the Wanton Song a dozen times thinking about this! Is the Wanton Song not one of Bonham's most incredible songs? He mimics Page the entire song outside of the main solo. What a performance. I was blown away listening to it. Maybe the beer? It is incredible to me. I feel like he was at his peak on PG. I had never listened to the song focusing on him, usually it was Page or Plant's lyrics. What an awesome performance. I know greatest is so subjective, and I won't say it is his greatest, but it is so incredible. Thanks for listening. You guys/gals are awesome keeping all of this alive. Am I off base, or is this not amazing?!?!?! ncdoc
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