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  1. KIS shave done some good Zeppelin covers at shows while messing around. Paul Stanley did a solo tour in 89 and did a good version and i got the audio of and sounds like the band is playin and Paul is singin its awsome
  2. Yer they might do What KISS did in 2001 and Release a boxset with Demos in but put in all the Albums in it and give a 2nd disc with the albums with outakes and demos
  3. Zeppelin affected my life in a musical way. I am a drummer and John Bonham is a god to me. I try to play like him but one day ill be able to play Zeppelin songs in full cause i can only play certain parts from songs and i got the tabs aswell so i will be able to teach myself to play like bonham. They also affected my opinions on music and how they sound and how new music sounds and i say they aint no Zeppelin they aint gonna be as big as Zeppelin so that is how Zeppelin has Affected my Life
  4. I got the original one without the new tracks on but i want to get the new remastered version and DVD looks good
  5. How could you noy have Zep on they created Hard Rock. It only has two Zep songs Rock And Roll and Stairway they should of had more than that
  6. Sweet photos must of been a killler show i wanted to go so bad but couldnt
  7. If The Police can reunite Zep can Plant and Page need to start disscusing tour ideas and where to tour we have been waiting for a new world tour for 27 years and we want one the people have spoken
  8. Good its just showing even though that The Spice Girls cant stop us we are the best and greatst band ever lest show em wot were made of
  9. NOOOOOOO Zeppelin tour i think Robert will cancell hs tour and decide to tour with Zep
  10. A new aussie band Airbourne are a hard rock band id like to see with Zep
  11. Yer Zeps myspace rules all the stuff from Mothership love it
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