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  1. I and friends my age are already Zeppelin fans and having a few songs to jam to on Rock Band would be great. I also have a lot of younger friends and family who play the game. They really like playing a lot of the "old" songs and have downloaded different songs on MP3 by bands like The Who, Rolling Stones, and Black Sabbath after playing the songs included in the game. If it introduces another generation to Zeppelin's music, it seems like a good idea to me.
  2. Going to see Robert and Alison at Jazz Fest today. Woohoo!!!
  3. I'll be there, too. There are shows closer to home for me but the line-up for Jazz Fest, in addition to Robert and Alison, make it worth the trip.
  4. Congratulations to the winner if they are on the board! Damn electrician distracting me from my bidding!! :'(
  5. Alright, who's Bidder 10? JK I'll just have to go up my bid again.....
  6. Thanks for posting all these great articles. Here is a link to the original text of the article as well as the audio for the interview. http://www.modernguitars.com/archives/003340.html
  7. An hour later and Google news still returns both AP headlines with both full articles. Maybe it will all be better in the morning. If anyone is in Chicago, the Sun-Times picked it up. I'm wondering if they, or any other papers will have the original story in their print issues.
  8. Sorta of the Zeppelin equivalent of "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline by the Chicago Daily Tribune. A moment of elation then crushed again...now it's time for a good chuckle because it's pretty funny that they would confuse Led Zeppelin with Lez Zeppelin.
  9. I'm saving the AP articles or no one is going to believe me. Argghhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Well, i'm sure he can understand why I'm just waiting for the forum to wake up....should be a fun day around here today.
  11. I was just posting the same thing and I thought I better check again to see if anyone else was posting it at the same time. AP Wire has had it for just over 10 minutes but the Bonnaroo site is down now so can't check there.
  12. Maybe there should be a "thread for the hopeful". I thought that would be the "possible rumors" thread or some of the "what if…" "dream tour…" threads but it's not. This way, those who don't want to have to keep reading about the unsubstantiated rumors that are popping up in so many of the threads could avoid them and those that want to post about their excitement that a tour will happen and come to their town, what they'll play, etc. can do so without muddying up the other threads with it and without fear of getting flamed. I am hopeful they will all do something together in the future. They've all mentioned how great it was to play together again and anyone who was lucky enough to be there or has seen the clips can see they were having fun together again along with Jason. At the very least, I hope that that Jimmy will do something soon because I would really love to see him live. He very clearly still has the energy and the desire to do it and to see that wasted just kills me. I believe hoping is for times that you don't know what will happen; once there is certainty, hoping becomes planning or simply moving on. So I guess until Jimmy comes out and says that the O2 was incredible and they feel it's the best way they could hope to wrap up the legacy of Led Zeppelin or until Robert says that what's around the corner is another album with T-Bone or Strange Sensation, and he has no desire to perform with Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason again, I will continue to hope. Without any offence to anyone, it can be kind of scary here for a hopeful and a new member to the board. Some of threads get so ugly that you want to log off and not come back. I'm not even sure I'll come back after posting this (but I would miss the Captions and the all the old interviews and information that gets posted by some of the incredibly knowledgeable people on this board).
  13. More media to add to the rumors but at least they name their source. http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0...36-7642,00.html I did a search for Ritchie Yorke and didn't see this posted so I hope it's not a repost. Sorry if it is.
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