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  1. "Uh - I didn't do it...
  2. Maddy

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    It's from the tour program for the Firm's first album. I have a copy of it - one of the first things I won on eBay.
  3. Same here. Think we could work out a time-share agreement?
  4. Maddy

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Great - NOW she tells me...
  5. Maddy

    Jimmy's Hair

    My hair is very dark brown, and if I try to dye it over dark brown, it ends up jet black. It's almost impossible to get the color right, so I kind of gave up on it. (It's also permed for curl (mine) and it really can't take both...)
  6. Maddy

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    You can have the pants - I'll take what's in them.
  7. Maddy

    Jimmy's Pants

    I could think of some things I'd like him to do with me...
  8. It was the 80's. There were shoulder pads in everything.
  9. I think that was rehearsal at Knebworth the night before the show - and I think there was a heat wave.
  10. Maddy

    Jimmy's Hair

    Then again, Jimmy Page at his worst is better than most guitarists at their best...
  11. Not only that, you can't even see anything interesting.... (Sorry, couldn't resist. ) And considering some of the outfits I perpetrated during the 80s, I really shouldn't be making fun of Jimmy's radioactive shirt there...
  12. Ouch...Jimmy, that shirt hurts just looking at it. Oh well, blame it on the 80's. I like his "Recovering Catholic" shirt in the other pic, though - made me laugh.
  13. Maddy

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Indeed.... I guess his eyes really are green - I thought they were dark brown for the longest time...
  14. I remember reading somewhere (can't think where, so I can't say if it was a reliable source or not) that Caesar's Chariot crashed in the mid-80's. On a related note, at the end of the Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicky" there's a bit about two of the movie's characters meeting their maker when they buy Led Zeppelin's old touring plane, stock it with girls and liquor and take off - only to remember, too late, that they didn't remember to get a pilot, too... They died happy, though...
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