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  1. Here's another titbit about that cover. The heartbroken man in the hat is a guy called David Henderson who used to share a flat with Syd Barrett of the Pink Floyd and was one of the Floyd's old buddies from Cambridge. David is a painter now.
  2. Oh, you mean the terrible traitor Richard Cole? The same Richard Cole that was a VIP guest of the band's at the 02 and who went for dinner with Jimmy Page a few days before the 02 show. THAT Richard Cole? Wake up and grow up, my friend. It's ALL a game.
  3. Imagine if Jimmy had asked Robert to perform Whole Lotta Love with him at the Olympics closing ceremony, but Robert had refused? What better way for Jimmy to upstage Robert's possible winning of the Mercury Music Prize in September by performing Whole Lotta Love with a pop singer half his age at a ceremony that will be watched by millions across the world on TV? Wonderful revenge!
  4. shoobah

    Foo Zeppelin

    :D Brilliant! "The former president of the Def Leppard fan club". That's funny. Does he have that written on his passport?
  5. shoobah

    Foo Zeppelin

    No wish to get into a UK versus US thing but one of the things about Halfin is that he is very english with a very dark sense of humour. sometimes American people but not ALL american people take exception at this. A lot of the time Halfin is taking the piss and enjoying the fallout. people shouldnt take him so seriously.
  6. How did he get into the VIP area? Because he's a friend of Jimmy Page's. The band may piss and moan about his book in the press but they've never sued, have they. And some band members may object more than others. I think a lot of the complaining the band did about Hammer Of The Gods, and Cole's book was so they could be seen to be complaining. As before, no legal action was ever taken. What does that tell you?
  7. Apologies if this has been posted before, but apparently Dick Carruthers, who did the Zep DVD a couple of years back, oversaw the filming of the 0-2 show. So that official DVD must be coming.
  8. My friend did which is why he's been to see the doc, but, sure, I take your point.
  9. I thought they were better than they were at Knebworth, but maybe not as good as at Earls Court. But it's impossible to compare, really. It's a different time, a different frame of mind: for the band and their audience. I think the fact that certain band members are in a healthier state of mind now is a big point in their favour. That wasn't quite the case in '79 or, by all accounts, '77 either.
  10. A friend of mine who attended the 0-2 gig has had to go and see their doctor as they are now so depressed about the possibility of not seeing Led Zeppelin again and feeling so down since the gig ended. Anyone else here considering psychiatric treatment?
  11. Let's be frank, now, Mick Jones doesn't need to "allow" Jason Bonham to do anything. Jason can do what he wants. Jones is a very rich man (his current wife is also a minor aristocrat) and he has sold millions of albums, but in what might politely be described as the twilight of his career, having Jason Bonham in his band has helped him sell tickets and given a version of Foreigner that now consists solely of Jones and a few hired hands, some semblence of individuality and interest. Many people would have been surprised to learn that Foreigner were even still together, if it wasn't for their appearance at this show. I suspect that if Zeppelin had told Jones that Foreigner could only play the 02 with thermometers protruding from their rear ends while singing "I'm hot blooded, check it and see…" Jones would have gone along with it :-)
  12. In the Rolling Stone interview with Zeppelin this month, Bonham talks about how he suggested doing a tribute to his dad during the show, but the others vetoed it.
  13. Now, you fucked it by including a mention for your own music and website. Everything you wrote before has been undermined by this clumsy plug… Incidentally, I was parallel to the stage up in the tier on Page's side and it sounded great.
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