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  1. It was brief for the sake of being brief. Regards, Grell
  2. I think Guitar Hero and Rock Band are terrible venues for Led Zep music. The games are a joke and LZ would be as well. Regards, Grell
  3. Roger is very kind hearted. What a noble gesture. Regards, Grell
  4. Very nice, thank you. Regards, Grell
  5. Great article, thanks. Regards, Grell
  6. My gut tells me Dazed & Confused, however it has been known to be eronious. Regards, Grell
  7. I have to agree with you, The Stones are great but Zep is greater. Regards, Grell
  8. I think I'd like to stick to the original and none of this Page, Jones and Bonham. Even if LZ never tours at least they have their dignity. Regards, Grell
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