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  1. It was brief for the sake of being brief. Regards, Grell
  2. I think Guitar Hero and Rock Band are terrible venues for Led Zep music. The games are a joke and LZ would be as well. Regards, Grell
  3. Roger is very kind hearted. What a noble gesture. Regards, Grell
  4. Very nice, thank you. Regards, Grell
  5. Great article, thanks. Regards, Grell
  6. My gut tells me Dazed & Confused, however it has been known to be eronious. Regards, Grell
  7. I have to agree with you, The Stones are great but Zep is greater. Regards, Grell
  8. I think I'd like to stick to the original and none of this Page, Jones and Bonham. Even if LZ never tours at least they have their dignity. Regards, Grell
  9. Cool, sounds like it was a really good thing. Regards, Grell
  10. I'd watch it and buy it, well done. Regards, Grell
  11. Great stuff, you truly deserve what you got. Regards, Grell
  12. Thanks for the link, Peter is great. Regards, Grell
  13. It played perfectly well on my PC, nothing special about it. Regards, Grell
  14. I agree this site could use more info for the folks perusing it. Regards, Grell
  15. Thanks alot for posting this. Regards, Grell
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