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  1. Reading this kind of news it's bad for my heart it could stop beating for the surprise. However crossed fingers and let's hope we will have a tour!
  2. Amazing pictures.Thanks to everyone...love him and his dreamy smile
  3. I know that would be no more led zeppelin's song...But i think they may give yet more to the music
  4. that new really shocked me...He is my mith ,my hero...and i love red hot chili peppers too. But i think that is a non respecting action for a musician to others....Hope he was not serius when he tolds this....
  5. can't belive it they where sleeping during one of the best day of their life!
  6. he's the king of my Desktop but i m looking for a pretty Bonham picture to use as dasktop background...He was,he IS my myth
  7. Chad Smith drummer of Red Hot Chili Pepper was there for sure
  8. Im 21 and waiting for a LZ concert in my country...or I will follow them wherever they willo go...if they will
  9. Hello everybody! I m a Chick from Italy, 21 years old,study economy and I m a little bit crazy and totaly in love with LZ. What alse can y say? hope to know all of u during the discussion on this forum...and thanks to all the people who are posting their pictures and videos of the London's concert ! By and let's go RnR!
  10. Did anyone has the bootleg of the show? It'will be the best christmas present for the one who hadn't the possibility to go to the gig.
  11. OMG you where this close to the stage???? lucky you and thanks everyone for the amzing pictures Really praying for a tour
  12. thanks to everyone for posting such beautiful videos....it's as i was there....still crying for the emotion
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