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  1. i would love to hear Tangerine and Ten Years Gone a little more often...they would be a nice radio surprise
  2. I have seen this Brent Haven production 3 times here on Long Island...it is a fantastic show. The front band is fantastic with Randy Jackson (of Zebra) doing great vocals. If this orchestra production comes to your area, don't miss it!! It's a great, great show.
  3. i just caught the last 30 minutes of "Almost Famous" on HBO. This movie always makes me happy...especially as "Tangerine" plays at the end.
  4. Guilty, she repented her untruth at Sunday mass
  5. Misty

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    but they squandered their saved monies on
  6. Then blamed it on the farmer's ass
  7. i'd say that all this rain in NY has definitely taken its toll on my mood - and not in a good way
  8. Misty

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    making chatting after dark so much easier
  9. what a fantastic story - never heard that before - thanks for posting!!
  10. Misty

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    while simultaneously making your teeth whiter.
  11. i totally get you.....and yeah, he should also apologize for his crappy show. conan is so much funnier (sorry, off topic). its good he apologized, i guess, but it doesn't wipe away the fact that he used his celebrity status to perpetuate this demeaning attitude towards young women in this country. he's still sickening. IMHO. also, i don't believe for one minute that he didn't know Willow was with her mom. he's full of shite.
  12. Misty

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    and genetically enhanced it to
  13. Misty

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    that marked the beginning of the end of
  14. i have this recurring dream that i am on stage singing in front of a large audience, many of whom are friends and acquaintances. in this dream, i am just belting out a song (which i can't seem to remember the name of when i wake up) and i really think i am a good singer, but i am actually really bad and it all seems to hit me while i am still dreaming!!!! sometimes i will recall this dream randomly while awake (like i did this afternoon) and think that it really happened like a real memory, but then i realize it was, thankfully, this odd, recurring dream. anyone with a PhD in psych please
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