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  1. i just caught the last 30 minutes of "Almost Famous" on HBO. This movie always makes me happy...especially as "Tangerine" plays at the end.
  2. i'd say that all this rain in NY has definitely taken its toll on my mood - and not in a good way
  3. i have this recurring dream that i am on stage singing in front of a large audience, many of whom are friends and acquaintances. in this dream, i am just belting out a song (which i can't seem to remember the name of when i wake up) and i really think i am a good singer, but i am actually really bad and it all seems to hit me while i am still dreaming!!!! sometimes i will recall this dream randomly while awake (like i did this afternoon) and think that it really happened like a real memory, but then i realize it was, thankfully, this odd, recurring dream. anyone with a PhD in psych please chime in.... (sorry if this request is off topic).
  4. "Breakfeast with The Beatles" radio show with Ken Dashow on Q104.3 in NY
  5. i saw Elvis Costello at the Beacon in NYC last Wednesday night. he was good...but i admit i was disappointed that he only did 3 of his "old" songs. his new sound is very "country", co-writing one song he performed with Loretta Lynn. interesting that he went down this music genre path, not unlike Plant with the country blue grass thing.
  6. the rain song.....definitely my all time favorite vocal from robert. i think i heard robert say in a radio interview once that he felt his best vocal performance was the rain song, as well.
  7. Alicia prefer reading or writing?
  8. we will rock you - queen
  9. glad to hear it!!! for me, 90 minutes if Bikram.
  10. peter gabriel's "down to the ground". its the credits song at the end of WALL E, which my kids watch endlessly in the car. thankfully, its really is a good song.
  11. LOVE Montauk! If you need a good day trip, park at field 5/6 at Robert Moses and walk the boardwalk to the historical light house. The boardwalk takes you through the dunes, great for observing the deer and other wildlife. The beach far in front of the lighthouse i think is nude (yikes), never saw it myself, but rumor has it. back to topic, i must see "Pelham" as I was orginally from Pelham Bay!
  12. hi Fan!!! yeah, dickens is so horrfied, he actually died again. seaside is lovely this time of year, you should take a drive (or the MTA, its going your way).
  13. ps - i think Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas would be a good stand in....girlfriend can wail AND do back flips!
  14. well, she can sing, no doubt...but the cat costume is a little much....
  15. immigrant song - led zep
  16. could not have been worse than The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Mathew McConaghey. I was basically forced to go by friends (not the type of movie i would normally go to see). it was so horrific. I kept thinking, poor jennifer garner, poor thing was associated with this crappy film. i swear, at one point, they had a scene where it was raining condoms. it was atrocious. is there a negative star rating?
  17. how 'bout the Dazed & Confused stunned In the Light
  18. down to the ground - peter gabriel
  19. higher love - steve winwood
  20. ^what a great way to start the holiday weekend! good luck! today, my daughter did a forward roll all by herself for the first time (she's 3). now she's tumbling all over the living room!
  21. isn't she lovely - stevie wonder
  22. hi middlezep! i'm actually watching anderson cooper, but i wish i was listening to Tangerine.
  23. little miss cant be wrong - spin doctors
  24. love stevie nicks, as well as chrissy hinde
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