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  1. My deepest condolences to Levee's family. I remember him from the old board and he was such a funny, kind person. Peace and strength to all of Levee's family and friends during this difficult time xxxx
  2. Thank you so much for posting Sam, that was a GREAT read!
  3. Her voice sounds great on this. Huge risk to cover this song because its so uniquely Zeppelin... but why hate on the people who try? Geez, Zeppelin fans can be SO protective over "their" band. For one of the greatest bands of all time, seems they have some of the most immature fans of all time! Its a song people, get over it...
  4. Wow, I actually kind of like this. *hides in shame*
  5. I think Robert Pattinson should play Jimmy! They have similar features IMO. Well they're both gorgeous, anyhow.
  6. I love Amy Winehouse. I don't think what she did at the awards ceremony was so terrible as far as rock stars go...... its kind of sad how some people here just took that as an opportunity to be rude/immature for no real reason other than to be rude/immature.
  7. I don't know why anyone drives in the city! Its so much easier, and actually faster sometimes, to walk or take the TTC. Actually, its not just Toronto, there are way too many cars just about everywhere now. I'm a UWO student and I'm so glad I take the bus here- the streets in London are ALWAYS crazy.
  8. Its not that this topic just isn't my cup of tea or whatever... I think its a huge embarrassment to an Official Led Zeppelin message board. A board that I actually am a part of- well, not a whole lot anymore, largely due to threads like this and people like you. But to more dedicated members who actually try to make this place one of substance, this thread is a total embarrassment and undermines everything that is, or used to be, good about these forums. That's why I "keep coming back" (ha, 2 whole posts up until now, biiig deal) to express my opinion of it.
  9. It really freaks me out.... even the Headmaster Jimmy/drooling Pagette type threads are less creepy to me than this.
  10. It came out this weekend here, I will finally be seeing it sometime this week after a full year of anticipation! I can't wait.
  11. This thread is literally nauseating! SteveAJones, what the fuck? You're deranged. I hope the former Led Zeppelin members aren't reading the boards, because if they are they're probably cringing almost as much as I am. Ew get a life people!
  12. I'm so sad. I wish I could have seen him live.
  13. I just learned how to make an omelette without it falling apart! Its an art, I tell you. Broccoli and cheddar cheese it was today.
  14. Cool! And jesus him and the kids are all a bunch of knock outs! Holy!
  15. Red wine (dry), rum and coke, screwdrivers, Baileys, daquries, martinis. Add rum or vodka to pretty much any liquid and I'll drink it. Not a big fan of beer but if needed I prefer something thick and dark... i.e. no Coors Light or Bud!
  16. Oh god tomorrow should be interesting...
  17. No, you're not being harsh IMO- you're just being truthful. I understand what its like to be completely infatuated with Jimmy- really I do, ladies!- but some of y'all are just totally over the top. Maybe Headmaster Jimmy should be brought back into existence so all that fantasy stuff can stay there. While the rest of us can peacefully enjoy items like this: And yes, like Obsessedwithzeppelin, theocean, LMJPP, B_B... the Hot Pics o' Jimmy thread was my second home! But now, I'm just tired of trying to sift through page after page of "Jimmy resurrects dead animals with his smile" type st
  18. I bow to you Ev. Everything you said is so true. I actually feel nauseous reading some of the posts in here!
  19. I posted that one a few pages ago, without a watermark. Guess it just got lost in all the garbage.
  20. Beautiful! Oh and you too, ledded.
  21. I just watched the 1993 Oprah interview. He seems so sweet and kind.
  22. I don't think its that stupid of a thread. It could be interpreted to be following the ever present "Robert bashing" theme we got going on this board, but I don't think McSeven is one of those people. But others could definitely make it turn ugly you are right! In all honesty though, as I said before, JP hasn't toured in so long and if he did I think people would go nuts. Not because he is "better" than Robert or something, but just because everyone has been missing him!
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