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  1. :lol::lol: poor Robert, nobody understand him... :lol::lol:

    My reply was something like... "What, he's just playing football in his underwear. Don't you ever do that?"

    I realize it must be a speedo, or something, though. But not like it matters. :drool::D :D

  2. From 1977


    Source: Brad Elterman

    Quote from my (male) friend whom I e-mailed this photo to: "If I stand in a goofy pose with one foot off the ground like that, mine looks that big too." :D

  3. "Mr Jimmy" Sakurai? No! :lol:

    Oh. :lol: Did we ever figure out what that pic actually is then?

    I said they match the coat. ;)

    My apologies. :D

    Velvet was made for Jimmy!:


    Is that a screenshot from that French show on the DVD?

  4. Great report Moonmaid and excellent photo!!! :thumbsup: .

    I was also at this screening. I arrived in Westwood around 5:40pm (I'm glad I left early; rush hour traffic was bumper to bumper coming from the beach). No hassle or line to pick up my tix @ will call then I waited in line for about 20-25 minutes before they let ticketholders in. I had enough time to go to the restroom then look for a seat. It was packed; I found a seat on the right hand side, second row, nearest to the wall. A few minutes after I got settled, I heard all the commotion, etc. then noticed a bunch of people hanging around the reserved seating. I got a glimpse of Jimmy for a second then lost view because he was surrounded by fans, media, friends, bodyguards but I did manage to catch him take his seat with his BMF RH. :P.

    Davis Guggenheim said a few words before the screening then the film started. After the film ended and standing ovation, Davis Guggenheim, Jimmy, Jack White (who I didn't realize was there), and the rest of the film makers came to the front of the stage. I was literally feet away from Jimmy & Co. Jimmy looked in our direction and smiled. I wished I had given a "thumbs up" at that point. LOL!! Jimmy looked great; he was tanned (as if he just returned from holiday).

    The moderator asked a few questions then they had to leave. Jimmy & Co. walked right past me.

    The film was very good and I want to see it again when it opens in theaters. Jimmy was great of course and Jack White is an interesting, talented musician but I really came away from the film impressed with the Edge. I also want to applaud the LA Film fest; this whole screening was very organized and moved somewhat smoothly.

    Overall, a great night and a chance to see one of my favorite guitarist up close and personal!!

    Awesome, myledzep!

  5. I remember it well! I also remember that I Photoshopped a closeup of the hands playing the guitar and the Pagettes issued a retraction declaring those to be genuine Jimmy hands! :lol:

    Didn't it turn out to be that Japanese Jimmy impersonator? :lol:

    edit: And I think the pants in the photo above that one are a totally different colour than in the 'fake' pic.

  6. I have never seen that first one, Spacewoman! I love '77 Jimmy. :D

    And about the 4th one down... Jimmy in the velvet pants and white fishnet.... I remember from a long time ago there was a debate about whether or not this photo was false? I think we came to the conclusion that it wasn't real. Does anyone else agree/remember this?

  7. You're so lucky, Moonmaid! Thanks for the report (very vividly and only from reading it, one can tell how excited you were!), I'm sure I'm not the only one envying you! But I'm also very happy for you to be that close to him ^^

    Do you think that he will visit a dwarf country like Austria? Most people don't know it, and some of those who do, think it is Australia... "Austria? Isn't it the country with the kangaroos?" Austria is the little-little brother of Germany - they get everything and we don't. I don't even know by now, if "It might get loud" is starting in Austria (if not, I'll travel to Munich for it... Or when it is shown in Paris, I'll watch it there).

    Oh, I don't want to insult people, who don't know Austria!

    If anybody is interested in Vienna, visit my friends deviantArt Gallery: Vienna Oops, I'm advertising here, sorry...

    Well I've been to Austria. :) Salzburg and Vienna are absolutely beautiful.

  8. I don't get the persistent comparing betwee Zeppelin and The Beatles. They are from different era, they have totally different style and make different music. And they both have huge success.

    We all have our preference this way or the other, but to say things like "who can't hold a candle to whom" is beyond my understanding. At least state it as your opinion but NOT as a fact.

    The musicians seem to have enough respect towards each other. Paul and Robert had a nice chat early this year at the Grammys, I don't think they were talking about which band was bigger. :rolleyes:


  9. Now I love a raspy voice, but Janis is too over the top for me. It honestly sounds like a suffering cat to me at times! Sorry. :( I enjoy many of her songs, but as far as her having one of my favourite voices? Noooo. I don't get why people think she's the greatest, there's much more tasteful female voices out there if you ask me!

  10. A tiny request, if I may- could we also stop quoting posts with 256 pictures in them, it makes the thread VERY hard to get through since the pages then mostly consist of repeats!

    Now a sample of this thread's former glory :D:


  11. I know, he's amazingly productive in so many different ways. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Dead Weather next month!!

    That should be good! I haven't heard any of their stuff, do they have an album out yet? I asked my friend who's a Jack White fan if he'd heard about the new band and he said, "Yeah but they suck!" :huh:

    They're playing a club in Toronto on July 22. Even if they do "suck" I would still love to see Jack again!

  12. Well, I must be losing it more by the minute.

    I would almost place my right hand on "Hammer Of The Gods," and state to those before me,that I either read or had seen an interview, in which Robert Plant stated he had given up caffiene. This was a few years back.

    Can SteveAJones bail me out here?

    Maybe he gave up for a bit and then came back? :lol:

  13. Jack actually has had all sorts of health problems--back, bronchitis, throat, etc. etc.--which ironically were what led to the creation of the Dead Weather, as he had to have Alison Mosshart step in on vocals on a few gigs for him (the Kills were the supporting act). That went really well, he thought aha!, and so a new band was born. So even when he's not well it doesn't seem to slow him down. :D

    Great pics of him and that other guy, thanks for posting!

    I didn't know all of that either. Its amazing how much he does do then! When I saw the Raconteurs they played for so loud and so long (as I remember)... dunno how someone could do it even without health problems!

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