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  1. Same! Even if I sleep in late, past the usual "coffee time", I usually wake up with a withdrawal headache. And I'm not even 20 yet.
  2. I dunno. If I had to I might pick "Kashmir." Everything about that song comes together so nicely to make it an epic song. The kick-ass riff, Bonzo's drums, the orchestra.... perfect! Picking a favourite Zep song though, I don't think I can do!
  3. It looked like a glass at first, but I knew it couldn't be because of the way he's holding it. Irrelevant question but what kind of drink is it? Strange brown substance with no label apparently!
  4. Is he holding a pint? And I've never seen that pic either.
  5. Jack must wear makeup- surely if he's out and about as much as he is, he must be exposed to the sun at least a little bit! And yeah Jimmy's tan. I can't tell if that ages him or not though? It kind of makes his white hair even whiter. But not that it matters, he looks fantastic!
  6. Well I figured he must not actually be dying. He sure does look like it sometimes, though!
  7. I just downloaded this. "Right By You" is now the first album that shows up when you search on iTunes, could it be because of this thread? Just put on the first song, haven't got to the Jimmy part yet!
  8. To me Jack has always looked as if he's on the edge of death! At least in the last few years. I wonder if he's okay? Or if he does it just for effect. My fave:
  9. Travels With My Amp - Greg Godovitz. A Canadian rocker whom because of his nationality most of you have probably never heard of. I also just finished 3 Douglas Coupland books- another Canadian- jPod, Generation X, and All Families Are Psychotic.
  10. Me too but I would have to, or else I think I would live in shame and regret everyday after. Oh and welcome jimmy'sgirl. Though I think there are a few others here who would fight you for that title.
  11. I do! Just a moment... *a considerable amount of time later* found it, finally! Need to organize my pics. All got jumbled in the PC-Mac switchover! edit: I see someone has already posted it, sorry! I swear I looked and it wasn't... I'm blind. But nothing wrong with repetitive Jimmy.
  12. You lucky girl! Cool pics and cool story. Thanks for sharing! edited to add: Damn, now I'm reminded of how that could have been me at the Toronto film festival back in September- if only I hadn't literally just moved across the province to university! DAMN! But still happy for ya anyways, Moonmaid!
  13. Well that's a more general look at his whole *sound*, the original poster was talking about a specific chord that is characteristically Page. At least that's how I interpreted it. edit: sorry not the Original poster (you, ha), but Reggie when he mentioned the Rain Song.
  14. I laughed a loud at that part! Nice one.
  15. Those are cool, I especially like the last one.
  16. "It's like he's got one of those fly Terminator targeting systems in his eyes," said an awed Jon Stewart.
  17. I know. I would guess its sixteen though. To me it kind of sounds like he's saying "sweet sixteen".....?
  18. Nice! I also spotted some Plant ones. http://www.djtees.com/tshop/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=340 There's 3 more in the sidebar. Shitty thing is they're kind of expensive, and it costs extra to get it in a Women's tee.
  19. Have you guys seen this website? http://www.djtees.com/tshop/store/listCate...idCategory=1892 There's about 5 or 6 different Jimmy ones (under "Guitar Heroes"), pretty sure you can order them all in women's sizes too. I'm assuming there's Zep shirts too, but I haven't looked yet!
  20. Sadly he got into heroin in the mid/late '70s, lots of photos from that era where he doesn't look so great.
  21. I can't believe he actually patented a colour scheme!
  22. I heard somewhere that he didn't start smoking until the mid '70s? Which would make sense since you never see pictures of him with a cigarette before then.
  23. I hate to say it but he looked really sexy with a smoke....
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