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  1. Here's my..... (cough)...... poem.

    Some friends of mine, just the other night

    Went to hear this cool cat play

    They said he played so good that the roof fell in

    And he didn't even stop the show

    They don't remember the place,

    But they remember the face,

    And now everybody wanna go. Woo!

    Top Jimmy cooks!

    Top Jimmy swings!

    He's got the look! Woo!

    Top Jimmy, he's the king!

    Jimmy on the television

    Famous people on there with him named Ross

    Jimmy on the news at five!

    Jimmy on the radio and even on the video

    The baddest cat alive!

    Drivin' all the women crazy

    All they want is Jimmy baby

    Love it when he rolls his eyes!

    Too bad he got screwed over by Robert and that Country woman!

    Top Jimmy cooks!

    Top Jimmy swings!

    He's got the look!

    Top Jimmy, Woo! Shake it baby!

    Oh! Juke joint Jimmy is the latest thing

    He's got the sound that everybody digs!

    Yeah the joint be jumpin'

    When the band be pumpin'

    and you know they play a crazy gig!

    Well, you ain't been livin'

    Till you seen the livin' end

    Satanic messages are the boss!

    Ow, Top Jimmy cooks!

    Top Jimmy swings!

    He's got the look!

    Top Jimmy,

    Oh Jimmy

    Top Jimmy

    Go Jimmy

    Top Jimmy

    Ow! He's the king!

    Oh, Jimmy!

    Levee you just melt my heart. :tears:

    Best in this thread by far. :'(


  2. I luckilly didn´t read it, because otherwise I would be probably jealous too!

    Oh, and I have also a boyfriend and I love him, but Jimmy.... why only does he this to me? :o

    He is so alluring that I´m like under his spell... :wizard:

    I was actually thinking about this last night, how amazing it is that Jimmy creates such a frenzy amongst women/girls. Am I the only one that thinks that this seems to be a unique phenomenon? I mean I don't know, I'm not familiar with the fan-girls of other rock bands.

    I was very bad when I was 14/15/16 but I think I've become more rational, and have a boyfriend, yet I still can't totally escape the Pagette-ness. :mellow:

  3. the worst way to listen to a song is "on the go." Why not sit down and appreciate it, you know?

    Why not enjoy both! I have a stereo and an iPod, I don't think getting an iPod means you have to give up your home stereo.

    which is nice for when I'm mowing the lawn or when I'm out somewhere that's playing really crappy music and I just need to hear something... you know... good.

    Exactly! That's why iPods are so great. And the fact that when you put it on shuffle you can get so many different styles of music one song right after the other.

  4. She was severely overlooked for years until her Nick of Time album swept the Grammys. The further you go back, the bluesier her music is. The more recent stuff has earned her the "female Jackson Browne" tag (which is not a bad tag to have, by the way). She's definitely one of my favorites. She has also done a whole hell of a lot to be sure the original blues artists she cut her teeth on receive their just due. There's lots to be admired about Bonnie, not the least of which is her ability to play the hell out of a slide guitar. I just love it when she sits in with Little Feat.

    I wish she would play non-slide more often! She's quite a good acoustic fingerpicking player. But this is the only time I've heard her play that way:

    Love Me Like A Man, 1995:

    This is also one of my favourites of hers:

    I'm in the Mood, with John Lee Hooker


    Her slide solo on the studio version of that is one of my favourite guitar solos ever.

    I also love her early stuff. Too bad its not that well know. :( I have the compilation "The Bonnie Raitt Collection" I think its called, with the best of her early works... its great!

  5. Is he really 67 now?! Wow, I swear it was only like last year that he turned 64, and that was a big deal because of the song. :lol:

    Come to think of it, that's the year that he did the North American (or world?) tour that I saw him on. So yeah I guess it was a few years ago now...... where does the time go!

  6. The word "better" makes no sense when comparing bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. As has been pretty much already said in this thread, the two bands were of different eras and had to work within that frame, thus they cannot be compared. I don't think saying that Led Zep is better than The Beatles because The Beatles were a typical 'boy band' with 3 minute songs and screaming girls and such is fair. That is the frame the Beatles had to work with in that time. They then broke that mold a few years later. Led Zeppelin also broke the mold in the '70's, but in a different context.

    I love the Beatles dearly. I love Led Zeppelin dearly. Led Zep may always be my favourite, for sentimental reasons, but that has nothing to do with one being 'better' than the other.

  7. And Bonnie Raitt? (Just hinting, 'cos she's my fave. )

    I love Bonnie Raitt. One of my favourite voices ever! Surprised no one has mentioned her in this thread yet.

    Amy Winehouse, Eva Cassidy, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, Aretha, Lauryn Hill, some more favourites.

  8. Let me put my arm on my chair and spew forth some BS:

    1. Pushin two yrs, nothin from Jimmy? Not so - It Might Get Loud

    2. Foo Fighters encore

    3. Olympic WLL ending with whats her name

    4. RnR Hall of Fame with Crazy Fingers

    5. Picture taking with Ross Halfin


    Don't forget the Stock Exchange. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  9. How do you define "real" country music Jahfin? (serious question, not busting on ya)

    I think the point is that why is someone like Taylor Swift considered 'country' and, say, Sheryl Crow isn't? There really is little difference, not enough to make them two different genres. Its just marketing. And this is the formula from what I gather from listening to commercial country radio- apparently if you just add one steel guitar track to any pop song it becomes country. :rolleyes:

    edit: Oh and if you are wearing cowboy boots and hat in your video then you are country too. :rolleyes:

  10. I'm not hating on her or anything but the few times I've seen her sing live on TV, she sounds average at best (more on the crappy side to be honest). Is she just another manufactured "artist" or does she really have chops? It probably helps that she's a hottie. Thoughts.

    In my opinion she's just average, I don't see what all the fuss is about her. I mean, if I saw her in a high school talent show I would think "Yeah, she's pretty good", but not be mind-blown in any way.

  11. You'll be happy (or not) to know that Joel (yes Joel) sent me an extremely nasty email about my girlfriend the moment I responded to you mentioning her. Happy or unhappy to hear that?

    Yeah, the sorry shit had to use my personal email because PMing me would reveal the rock he's hiding under on the board. Are you hearing me Joel? I know you are, you lurking piece of dessicated vomit. I closed that door. You wanna open it back up? Seriously? Just walk away. Really. Just walk away.

    And no, this is not thread hijacking. This is what made me unhappy today.

    An email from Joel Barron insulting my choice in a girlfriend. I know her 25 year-old tits must disgust you. Can I interest you in something in a training bra you Viagra sucking, need her to steal her daddy's car cause you ain't got one, and have the nerve to nail her (briefly) in the back seat? Guess what oh experienced one: You came, you conquered, they got restraining orders.

    Ugghh. What a sad, sad person he is.

  12. I'll echo what a few others have said. I am not of the camp that Jimmy owes his fans anything. He's given us so much already but it is a bit frustrating and certainly disappointing, puzzling as to why there's been so little from him as of late.


    I don't think there's anything wrong with expressing disappointment. Like I posted before, I'm 19 and have never seen Jimmy let alone even be alive to witness him release new material. So obviously I don't like that. Its kind of maddening to be in love with this musician and never getting the chance to see them live/buy their new album. Is there anything wrong with me thinking that? How can I not think that? But its not like I'm writing mad fan mail to Jimmy saying "You selfish prick! Put out a damn album! You owe me it! Grrr!" Me being so young is just my unfortunate situation, I don't think its Jimmys 'fault' or blame him or something... OBVIOUSLY Jimmy, and Robert, and every other person on the fucking planet, and I thought this was a given, can do whatever the hell they please, no one in this thread is saying otherwise (in the Robert bashing/reunion threads, however... :rolleyes:)

    "Jimmy barbs"- yeah right! In my opinion, Jimmy has the right to do anything he wants (ummm he's a human), and I respect his 'reasons', if there are any, for not playing, or whatever's 'going on'. If its a motivational problem, then I 1000000% get it. I mean, I'm a guitar player and I'm going through the exact same thing right now.

    People need to chill out. Hey, believe it or not, there are more important issues to agonize over than the life of a '70s rock guitar player. ;)

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