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  1. Oh come on that's so silly. The others soloed. If Jimmy didn't want to solo, fine, but I don't think we need to be making excuses for him!
  2. Thanks for the hug. It wouldn't be so bad if Jimmy wasn't my absolute #1 person I want to see the most. Why couldn't I have picked, like, The Rolling Stones or someone, who just never go away.
  3. Yeah I have both of the Crossroads DVDs. I'm not a huge fan of her guitar playing, but it is pretty good. I have tix to see her in TO on July 3rd, maybe Derek will join her there too!
  4. Being a young'un and having never gotten to see Jimmy before, I now fear that I never will.
  5. I just saw him tonight and it was so great! Was an awesome surprise when Susan Tedeschi joined the stage , I wasn't expecting that! I think she is gradually becoming my favourite singer. Man, what a voice. All I can say is, GREAT band, and GREAT show.
  6. Yes, bingo! Wow didn't realize that simply being RATIONAL would cause such a ruckus...
  7. Ummmm no offense but you sound like a nut job. Just because someone doesn't like Zeppelin doesn't make them a bad person. I know a number of people that don't like them and I still somehow find it in me to speak to them.
  8. I know, isn't that depressing/pathetic/terrifying? Yay for Adam not winning.
  9. Oh god I hate American Idol. Some things I was thinking about last night- the judges are morons, they never say anything relevant. Paula and whatsherface, honestly, SHUT UP!! They are so damn annoying, they just LOOVEE everybody. I mean, go have another Valium and rum! They need to get some judges on that show who actually know what they're talking about. Adam is still just god awful to me, and Kris just sounds like one out of 1,000000 Justin Timberlake pop voices. They pretty much ruined all my favourite soul singers last night. Adam singing A Change is Gonna Come??! I literally almos
  10. I don't see what's so bad about it. I think she has a cool, raspy voice. I'd never heard of her before this though.
  11. I went to the Toronto premier.... I loved it, it really is a great film. At the end of it the two guys from the band, Lips and I think his name was Rob (the drummer), and the director of the film stood up and spoke and answered questions from the audience. It was really cool. We loved the movie so much that I bought a t-shirt and my bf bought a CD. Both of us actually hate the kind of stuff Anvil plays and would never listen to it otherwise. So yeah its seriously a great movie and its SO cool to see these guys getting more attention!!
  12. I know, I don't get it! But at the same time I'm glad Danny didn't get voted off, I like his voice more than Allison's I think.
  13. I know that the Junos are a popularity contest like the Grammys. And the award shows don't mean anything to me either. BUT I think the Junos, if they really cared at all about Canadian music, should take more of a responsibility to try to promote struggling bands, because of the nature of the Canadian music scene. The Canadian music scene is very different from the American one; Canadian bands really struggle because there just isn't a big enough audience for them to be successful here. In America the population is just so big that its 1000 times easier for their bands to succeed. I'm not sayi
  14. I agree with you on all counts also! I thought Danny's performance was a bit unfortunate, Aerosmith did not suit him AT ALL. That last note was pretty bad, like Simon said....he could have picked a different song that would have been way better for him. Something more ballad-y, maybe. And yeah right away I knew Kris' performance would be weak, because Come Together just isn't that interesting vocally. There's not really a lot there for a singer to be able to showcase their stuff on. He too coulda picked a better one!
  15. Agreed. Nickelback is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world. They give Canadian music a bad name! They just won, like, 6 fucking Juno awards (Canada's equivalent of the Grammys) or something. WTF?!?!?! Nickelback is just garbage and needs to go die. And Chad Kroger is a huge douchebag.
  16. Its hard to sing Robert Plant... I can't say that I actually disliked Adam's performance, it was just exactly what I expected- the typical rock cliche! Okay, I'll stop dissing Adam now because he does seem like a sweet guy.
  17. I would have to bring a barf bag to the show. Adam can SING, his style is just way too contrived and cliche for me. Danny and Chris are just finishing performing now and I have to say I like their voices so much more than Adam's, because they're very natural sounding... unlike Adam. Sounded great on those harmonies!
  18. I liked Allison's performance a lot better than Adam's. Sorry but I just do not like him! The judges were surprisingly harsh on Allison. I was surprised. I thought her performance was great.
  19. Zeppelin has officially been covered for the first time on American Idol.
  20. Could someone kindly direct me to where I could find this Duane Allman article? I haven't read it.
  21. Yes, but there are SOME PEOPLE who appear not to. These are the specific people I was talking about, I wasn't making generalizations. And if the Killers will make a mark or blahhblahh has little to do with the point of Brandon's remark. He was making a more general remark about how hard it can be for artists to 'make it' in the U.S. market. In my interpretation.
  22. songbird

    Pet Peeves

    I like a few of her songs. But I think she's waayy too theatrical with her voice. All those super contrived vocal runs drive me nuts! It makes me sad more than anything because she could have an AMAZING sound if only she could be more natural, and quit with all the vocal acrobatics.
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