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  1. Yeah, if someone is performing the song in front of you it is. It's a pretty song musically. The "sound" on the "recording" irritates the hell out of me though, rendering it a completely unenjoyable listening experience for me.

    Oh wow! I think you must have a neurosis about this kind of stuff then because I find the "production" is very subtle in Liars Dance!! What is it specifically about the sound you don't like? I"m just curious, that's all.

  2. Good thing I saved the pictures to my hard drive before they were taken off muahahaha... :D Just kidding, I don't know what on earth I'd do with them besides maybe drool over them once or twice a day. :lol:

  3. He looks better than ever ! Still the man B)That Les Paul needs a work out though :D

    I know, right? Hey Jimmy if you're apparently not using it I could do with a new one! :D

  4. :wave: Hi Nic! Well, that's just not at all what I was talking about. I have no problem with people expressing opinions on things he says in his diary, and I have done so myself, several times. Also, there are some people on here who have met him, and have described it as unpleasant. I have no problem with them describing that either - by no means.

    I DO have problems with people (not just you, Nic) openly speculating in this manner about his character on here when they simply don't know him at all - and not just speculate, but openly slag him off, again and again and a-fucking-gain. I have never liked that, and I really wonder: why on earth is that necessary? As far as I can see nothing he said in the diary now necessitated any comments about his character. That's all. We don't know the man personally, and we have no idea how his friendship with Jimmy works either. In short: We have no clue WHY he said what he said - we know WHAT he said. So let's just talk about THAT.... well, if we feel it's worth talking about at all, that is.

    But aside from all that - pleased to see you here again! :)

    I know, I'm not really 'slagging him off', I'm just saying comments like those he just made about Jimmy are kind of annoying not just because they don't reveal anything but because he KNOWS what it will sound like to other people, and how the wheels will be churning in their heads. And (it looks like) he's just trying to show off that, "I'm friends with Jimmy Page, I know something you don't, naa-naaa! :baby: " I mean, come on. With all the stuff happening lately about reunions and no reunions etc how could he make an elusive comment like that and NOT know exactly what he was doing? Terms like "project"? That kind of language is obviously associated with music and he knows that. Maybe he's a great guy in person (judging from others' testimony I doubt it though :lol:) but posting stuff like that on your blog is so elitist and snobbish. Unfounded too because it turned out to be just a photo shoot. :rolleyes:

    Oh and hi Otto, its good to be back. :D :D

  5. I find the tendency of so many people to keep slagging Ross off completely ridiculous - literally jumping at every chance to do so. Why do we all bother to read RH's diary in the first place? Well, because he actually talks about the people he photographs, and is friends with many of them, including Jimmy Page. But if he says something about Jimmy he must be showing off! :lol:

    Let's just accept that we have absolutely no idea at the moment what it was they were doing, or why he mentioned it in this particular fashion. It was probably something photo-related, since Ross was involved. But there's no need to assume all kinds of things about him - let alone when you don't know the man AT ALL. He is a good friend of Jimmy's, too - another reason not to keep doing this. Are any of you people qualified to choose "better? friends for Jimmy, perhaps?

    Why would he post a blog if he didn't want people to have opinions on it

  6. Pssht just Ross showing off again. "Of which I will say nothing".. then why the fuck did you even mention it if you're not supposed to say anything about it...

  7. I don't get these kind of shows, personally. Why would you set yourself up for public humiliation, when you could've done it privately? If someone's that determined to 'make it' in the business, wouldn't they have tried harder to get into it in the first place? Don't bands/singers send demo tapes, and whatnot, to record companies anymore? I find it very strange that, if you want to be recognised as a singer, you have to go through auditions with the village idiot to prove your talent.

    And then it all seems futile. Half of the contestants and winners disappear into oblivion within a couple of weeks, anyway.

    If you're really that determined, you wouldn't need to set yourself up for a public downfall on some crass reality talent show. You would've tried everything possible beforehand - open-mike nights, clubs, pubs - fuck it, even YouTube. To me, these kind of shows tell me that the participants are too lazy to have actually tried anything beforehand. They're told what to sing and then slagged off for it. I wait for the day when they actually have to write their own music and perform it. Only then would I watch it.

    You don't really know if the contestants did or did not try all that before they came on the show. I'm sure many of them have.

  8. You can't honestly expect a musician to be as good when he is 60 as when he was 25.

    That's not true necessarily. It often happens as you get older you learn more styles and your playing matures, a lot. Maybe your physical ability to play as fast as you once could etc. would be hindered but I definitely think musicians get better with age. Look at Robert for example. His voice is much much richer than it was in 1973. IMO.

  9. Why not? Are not an AI fan?

    No I'm not a fan. I've seen a couple of performances that I thought were good, but for the most part to me the singing on that show is all about vocal acrobatics. To a lot of people I'm sure that is impressive (and it is, but just because you can do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD, all the time) and entertaining, and that's fine for them. But to me, good singing is about taste, which involves restraint. and that is something most AI singers don't have any concept of. For example Adam Lambert's Satisfaction was god-awful to me, because he was just trying way too hard to throw out every rock-singer cliche trick in the book. Pretty much epitomizes my opinion of the singers on that show.

    But that is all my opinion, and as I don't watch the show all too often, I could be dead wrong about everything. :D :D

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