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  1. I got the letter of apology for the delay, the promotional brochure and the £40 gift token. There is indication the last paragraph that they will be able to give me a shipping date in January! Here's waiting. J
  2. This is the reply I got from Genesis on the 29 Nov. I ordered it in April/May. Dear John, The binders have all 2500 copies in the edition to bind and are working hard to get them done as quickly as they possibly can. All Deluxe copies will have shipped by the middle of next week and we will then start receiving and despatching Collector copies. Current schedules indicate that your order will be ready before Christmas but as this book has quite an intricate binding we are monitoring the schedules with the binders every few days. If there is any slippage in production we will advise customers accordingly. Regards David
  3. I don't know if this has already been posted, but Planet Rock are airing a "How Led Zep Started" (I think that's the title) this Saturday 11th at 6pm UK time. It has interviews with the 3 surviving members: www.planetrock.com J
  4. I don't think there is anything in Roger's statement saying he wants to form a band with Jimmy. He simply says that he would like to record an album with Jimmy and why not? Both are the same age, they've probably been good mates for a long time, they probably have a mutual respect (I've certainly heard Roger speak in interviews, when asked about the Zep boys, very highly of Jimmy and as a matter of fact Robert). Jimmy is itching, i think , to get some sort of project on the go and Roger just seems to want to keep going. I think the combination would be good. Roger's voice certainly is not going to be the same as it was when he was in his 20s/30s/40s. He is 66 after all and his voice isn't that bad considering. I think a studio recording would be fine for him. He doesn't deserve some of the emotional views expressed here (and he certainly didn't model his late sixties/seventies appearance on Robert as suggested in this forum. Roger was growing his hair from at least 1967 onwards well before Robert entered the scene). I've heard Jimmy's guitar playing sound rough now and then too! I don't think they would tour and if they did, I don't think Zep or Who material would be covered. Only the potential album material and several blues covers of their choice would be performed. That would make sense. This would be something new and not retrospective from a Zep/Who perspective. Personally, I don't think that Pete, John Paul and Robert would be that bothered if they did collaborate. They're old enough and wise enough not to get involved in an emotional slanging match (altho' the music media would jump at their opinions and make stories up), they have their own projects and agendas to look to. I think Who and Zep fans should just wait and see what happens, probably nothing will come of it. But, I think it would be interesting from an album point of view only. I'm sure I once heard Pete say in an interview that he would like to work with Robert? Why not too? Anyway, for the record I haven't posted here much, but I am a Who fan and the wife is a Zep fan (and we've enjoyed both bands for a long time). We've been together for years and get on alright, just (hee)! J
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