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  1. So was there ever a revised working set list? Or was the European tour set pretty much going to be brought to America? I agree that White Summer should be put up on a shelf & left to collect dust indefinitely.
  2. I saw this tour in Philadelphia in late September or early October 1984. Billy was indeed the headliner of this tour & Ratt opened. Billy opened the show with the second single from Signs of Life album. He recorded the live footage for the song's video that night & played it twice in a row to get plenty of crowd shots. The audience went crazy both times & it was a really party atmosphere throughout the show. Highlights include an almost 8 minute Lonely Is The Night, a great sing along ala Freddie Mercury during The Stroke. Reach For The Sky from SOL was stellar performance as it is
  3. I would have agreed with you for years about this. The spng never moved me, both the studio track & the live title track from the sound track. THEN I saw Page & Plant in Philly in April 1994. When they played that with Jimmy on the double neck I totally fell in love with that song! It gave me new appreciation for this song. Now almost 20 years since that show I still love it. But hands down, my favorite track is, you guessed it.... The Rain Song.
  4. Well, on the first 8 Queen studio albums Roger would sing lead vocals the tracks he wrote: Queen - Modern Times Rock & Roll Queen II - Loser In The End Sheer Heart Attack - Tennement Funster A Night At The Opera - I'm In Love With My Car A Day At The Races - Drowse News Of The World - Fight From The Inside Jazz - Fun It (he sings the 1st few lines) & More Of That Jazz The Game - Rock It (Freddie sings the opening verse, then Roger takes over) & Coming Soon After that he doesn't sing lead on his songs that follow on Hot Space, The Works, A Kind Of Magic, The Miracle &
  5. I though they were ok.They didn't blow me away. Maybe nerves got the better of them. RIghtfully so. Personally, as a mega huge fan of Queen, even more so than Led Zep. (don't flame me) And believe me, I love Zeppelin! I've been to every performance by Page and/or Plant to rolll through Philadelphia since 1986. I got to see Queen in 1982 on they're final true US tour, my first concert ever. I did get to see Brian & Roger in 05 & 06 on several night w/ Paul Rodgers on vocals. Good, but not the same. Anyway, having said all this, back on topic. As a huge Queen fan, I would have love t
  6. Rain Song makes sense. Thats a long verse. I was going to guess Fool In The Rain.
  7. God NO!! This show shouldn't even be aired in any form. They approached Brian May abou this as well 3-4 years ago. He was like, Umm, no. Jimmy & Co. should respond the same way.
  8. Is that true about the Faces reunion? I wouldn't think Rod would ever go back to his roots like that. Ron Wood included? That would be a great gig!
  9. If they want to do it, they have every right. I am completely onboard for any sort of reunion. What they call themselves is totally out of our control. We have no say & our opinions don't count for anything unfortunately. I have been watching this very topic go round & round for four years w/ the Queen+Paul Rodgers collaboration. It's been a divided camp w/ all the Freddie was Queen, w/out Freddie Queen is dead. But Freddie was not Queen. He was the voice. Brian May & Roger Taylor spent as much time energy building the Queen name into what it became. They own its rights & can d
  10. I love Robert Plant, but Freddie Mercury should have been #1. He is head & shoulders above everyone else. He could singe any genre of music & do so not just as a rock singer emulateing say vaudville, but did it so convincingly that you would think it was his main medium of music. When it came to in your face rock n roll, he was as powerful as any of them, ie; Plant, Daultery, Jager, Ozzy, Dio & others. Want an example? Ogre Battle, Sweet Lady, Prophet Song, White Man, Dead On Time to name a few. Or from the wheel chair, Headlong, Hitman, and of course The Show Must Go On.
  11. Didn't take long for a "Third party cpoyright complaint" to get the performance removed from You Tube.
  12. Exactly, It's been said Jimmy would mumble "Distance makes depth" in the studio when placing the mics where he wanted them to be.
  13. I have a SB recording of the Zurich show in 1980. I think it sounds great. Not thin at all. Might be Plant's best vocal of the show.
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