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  1. They should call it 'Thank You', dedicated to the fans that put them where they are and they should re-record and include the track 'thank you'.
  2. IMHO, and I've never said this before and don't think I will again about a Zeppelin song, but Joe Bonamassas version is better than the original. Anyone think the same?
  3. andyc

    Where Are You?

    Wow, looks beautiful (and warm)
  4. Direct from Steel City... It's called Rock 'n' Blow, baby!... http://www.the-wildcats.co.uk/ My mates new project. Listen to all tracks for free.
  5. Led Zeppelin were RP, JP, JPJ and JHB as everyone here knows. You couldn't better or improve on that. However technically and skillwise I think there's little difference between them...Jason is his fathers son. IMO Page, Plant and Jones could only play/reform under the name 'Led Zeppelin' with Jason Bonham as the fourth member. He has 50% of his DNA from John Bonham, therefore Led Zeppelin retain 87.5% of their original DNA....and you can't get better than that...Perfick. Any other drummer and I would have prefered to see them reform under 'Plant, Page and Jones', or a new band name.
  6. Anyone else into Dan Reed Network?.... Been listening to them again recently...awesome.
  7. I think the same about these three songs. I'm a big hairy arsed bloke and I cried like a babe at the scene in 'Highlander' where the back track was 'Who wants to live forever'.
  8. andyc

    Where Are You?

    Peace to you wherever you may be....but if it's WARM and SUNNY where you are then I hate you
  9. andyc

    Where Are You?

    Yep, sorry about that. Did notice it after I posted.
  10. andyc

    Where Are You?

    No offence, but I think you'll find its English. You can't just nick another language....although we did from a combination of other European tongues
  11. andyc

    Where Are You?

    ROFL... Good sense of humour there...very dry
  12. Different league. No contest
  13. I'd like to see her step into Robert's shoes for one gig. Reckon she could pull it off no problem. I've not heard anyone to match her, either female or male. Would like to see her perform more instead of writing and producing for other artists though.
  14. Still think his beastie boys look is way better than some of the gruesome leather outfits he used to wear
  15. Anyone else into her awesome vocals? I really rate her. Would love to see her duet with Plant. Here she is doing 'Whole Lotta Love'.
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