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  1. Led Zeppelin were RP, JP, JPJ and JHB as everyone here knows. You couldn't better or improve on that. However technically and skillwise I think there's little difference between them...Jason is his fathers son. IMO Page, Plant and Jones could only play/reform under the name 'Led Zeppelin' with Jason Bonham as the fourth member. He has 50% of his DNA from John Bonham, therefore Led Zeppelin retain 87.5% of their original DNA....and you can't get better than that...Perfick. Any other drummer and I would have prefered to see them reform under 'Plant, Page and Jones', or a new band name. RIP John Henry Bonham.
  2. hellbound, tygers of pan tang... Black Tiger, Y&T Long Cold Winter, Cinderella Love to Love, UFO Cryin in the rain, Whitesnake Edge of the Blade, Journey Yngwie Malmsteen, Heaven Tonight live Magic Power, Triumph tracks from my latest training compilation blasting out now
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