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  1. Wow! It would be really cool for Jimmy to get the guitar back! I'll have to keep an eye on this thread.
  2. Though I'm from Michigan, I can't say I've ever been to the Silverdome and I was born almost 5 years after Zep played there. I came across this link at one point and it's a fun read from a Zep fan and his experience going to that show at the Silverdome. http://www.oldbuckeye.com/pontiacsilverdome77/
  3. Might you be thinking of Hartford, CT instead? There was a clip on youtube at one point that sounds very similar to what you describe, but I'm pretty sure he said Hartford. The first thing he said in the clip was "Stairway denied!"
  4. Fool In the Rain, Wearing and Tearing, and Sick Again
  5. Sweet! I just got a new car today that has an XM trial so I'll be tuning in!
  6. If I may ask, why do you hate the word fan? When I read that part of your post I couldn't help but wonder. To answer the question, yes I want this. As others have said, there is no confirmation of them using the name Led Zeppelin. It would make me personally feel better if they didn't use the name, but I guess I trust them to make the right call and not use the name for the sake of using it.
  7. Totally agree. Just listening to comments like the recent ones from JPJ makes me feel better in terms of what they do being "right."
  8. I understand where you are coming from and I know other people feel this way. Then there are people like myself who feel the opposite. It's been mentioned before in the discussion of Bonzo and Jason, but at Knebworth, Bonham was standing out in the field during a sound check while Jason was on drums and Bonham remarked to someone it was the first time he'd seen Led Zeppelin play. I thought Jason did great at the O2, but I understand how some feel about anyone besides Bonzo means it isn't Zeppelin.
  9. I like to think that the guys are smarter than trying to call it Led Zeppelin, but it's their call and if they feel what they have is worth of that name, then so be it. Based on what we're hearing, I'm hoping for new music with a different name and if they want to play some Zep while on tour, that's even better. Like others I can't picture them calling it Zeppelin with Plant not on board. I'm just excited to hear some official word that something is going on, but it remains to be seen what will come of it.
  10. The last we heard from Jimmy was that they had jammed after the O2, but it wasn't as big a deal as people thought. This comes from the interviews from Toronto for "It Might Get Loud." The big thread on a new singer for the "J's" was started because of another article from the Sun. I wish we could see something from them, but I'll get excited when something official happens. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong and there's something better than that article from The Sun, but I haven't seen it.
  11. I wonder how long they'll leave it up once they are aware of Robert's official statement (if they aren't already)?
  12. I would like to see it as well, but who knows. I hate to say we as fans deserve to have it on DVD, but considering it may be the last time they played together and the huge demand for tickets, releasing the show on DVD isn't a lot to ask IMHO. If not, I won't think less of the band and we all still have ways to see it.
  13. I was careful not to get my hopes up after reading the Sun article and when I saw the name of this thread, I knew what was inside. On one hand I'm disappointed, but I'm also glad the legacy of Led Zeppelin won't come into question. As far as Page, Jones, and Jason, who knows, but the last official thing I saw was Page's statement in Toronto denying any recording. I'll admit to being pessimistic, but we've seen no official word from the three J's since then. I'd like to at least see an O2 DVD and or CD if nothing else and I don't see why that can't and should not happen. The O2 was billed as a one off gig and we got that, but it's real easy for us, myself included, to then hope for more.
  14. I have to admit that after Jason announced he was leaving Foreigner, I was excited, hoping that he, Jimmy and JPJ were working on something together regardless of Plant being involved at all. Of course Jason also wants to spend time with his family which is one reason he was leaving IIRC.
  15. Isn't that the case with PG? Some of the material was earlier recordings and some was new material. That definitely could explain the release.
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