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  1. Cletus

    RIP Roger Ebert

  2. Indeed. Not that long ago, Chris Squired joked that if they were going to have Yes inducted into the RRHOF they better hurry up and do while all the band members(past and present) were still alive. So they could all be on stage together.
  3. An absolute classic, and one of my all time faves.
  4. Michael Schumacher - The edge of greatness, by James Allen.
  5. LZ II A Saucerful of Secrets Tarkus Tab In The Ocean Trepass Acquiring The Taste Song For America Mirage Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison To name a few, all either as good, or surpasses the debut, IMHO
  6. Zep 1 Nektar - Journey To The Center of The Eye Kansas - S/T ELP - S/T In The Court of The Crimson King Piper At The Gates of Dawn
  7. There is one album I wish could be changed. Not in terms of track listing, but it terms of production Nektar - Tab in the oceans. One of my favorite albums, but a frustrating listen. The original German mix sounds very raw and muddied. As a result, a lot of parts are buried in the mix and difficult to hear. A couple of years later they came out with the US mix which sounds much cleaner, but for some reason they raised the pitch and sped it up, so now it sounds like the band is performing on helium. argh!!!! . You can hear both versions on youtube to get a sense of what I'm talking about.
  8. Who's Next and Quadrophenia are both about equal in my books. Followed closely by Who Are You and Tommy.
  9. Don't live in Ottawa, but I'm there quite regularly. I have a lot of family over there.
  10. I got kind of loaded at my office Xmas part this past weekend. I don't think I did anything super embarrassing(from what I remember I just danced a lot, and had a good time). But I'm still a little nervous about going to work tomorrow, in case there could be something I'm not remembering.
  11. Community - I've actually been watching a few episodes lately, and think it's kind of funny(which surprises me, it normally wouldn't be my type of show).
  12. Can't think of too many albums I would change. But one that comes to mind is Kansas - Song For America. I'd leave out the opening track(Down The Road), it just sounds too out of place, and like the band were trying to get a "hit". The title track(track 2) would have made the perfect album opener, IMO.
  13. Love and Death is probably my favorite Also really like Crimes and Misdemeanors
  14. Cletus


    I had a dream last night where I was about to take a trip somewhere over a few days. I didn't know where or what for. But I remember feeling a sense of excitement, adventure and liberty. As is usually the case in my dreams, I awoke before it really got to the good parts.
  15. And here's another one. This guy's channel has quickly become a favorite of mine, over the past year.
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